5 Easy Ways To Put Yourself First And Take Me-Time

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Self-care is an essential part of overall well being, and there are no two ways about it. In a world where everyone is racing to get to the finish line, taking some time off for yourself is crucial to your health. You might think that a little me-time could make no difference, but research has shown that quality me-time can boost your wellbeing and productivity (1). Self-care looks different for different people. Reading a book, spending time with nature, getting a good night’s sleep, painting your nails, taking a long shower, journaling, meditating or spending time with your furry baby all account for self-care.

The idea is to spend time with yourself and your thoughts. It’s a great way to reflect on your day and set the intention for the next day. But when you’re a parent, finding time to spend with yourself becomes limited. With the responsibilities you have, self-care seems like a distant dream, but we are here to tell you that you can make that dream a reality. Here are 5 easy ways to get some quality me-time even if you’re a parent:

1. Wholesome Care

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Most parents are physically exhausted when they have kids because of the late-night feedings, multiple diaper changes, sleepless nights, and other parenting realities. But when you’re physically tired, get some rest to re-energize your body, so you’re ready to take on another day. However, how many times do you take a break to evaluate your mental exhaustion? More importantly, what do you do to get your mental health back on track? Give yourself a few minutes every day (even if it’s just 15 minutes) to sit with yourself. Do some deep breathing or meditate to restore your mind just like you do with your body.

2. Kit to Relax

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Create a kit with things that will help you relax when you reach your point of exhaustion. It could be anything. Scented candles, a mixtape, an audiobook, a journal, or an album of your most precious memories. You never know what might help you at that moment. So fill it with different things that can be calming. When you feel overwhelmed, this kit will work like a charm to help you feel grounded and relaxed.

3. Morning Routine

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Wake up an hour before your baby so you can get some quiet time in the morning. It can be very beneficial for you because this sets the tone for the rest of the day. Pray, meditate, sit outside while sipping on your hot beverage, and listening to the chirping of birds. Waking up with a calm state of mind determines how the rest of your day goes by.

4. Get Dolled Up

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As a mom, you might not have the time to dress up or pamper yourself. But when you look good, you feel good. So, make that appointment with your hairdresser. Color your hair, shape your eyebrows, and do your nails. Dress up when you have to go out and watch your mood become better. It doesn’t hurt to get into flattering clothing once in a while.

5. Ask For Help

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There is nothing wrong with asking for help with your baby when you need a break. It does not make you any less of a parent. You’re human, and you need rest. It’s natural and does not make you incompetent. If you have close friends who you trust, outsource some of your work to them. Perhaps they can make trips to the grocery store or help you stock up on baby essentials. Your mom or sibling could babysit while you go on a date with your partner. These gestures might seem small, but they have a significant impact on how refreshed you feel. Therefore, pick up that phone and call your loved one to help you out.

Being a parent is no easy feat. and being a mother is a bigger responsibility, at least during the first few years of motherhood. But with a little bit of time management and some dedicated me-time, you will be ready to conquer just about anything. If this article was helpful to you, share it with your friends and family so they can get some quality me-time.