Ways To Prevent Navel Darkening During Pregnancy

Ways To Prevent Navel Darkening During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most incredible and joyous things for all women. And, in these nine months, the expecting mom’s body undergoes a lot of physical transformations. The most prominent one out of these changes happens to their skin. During this phase, the skin stretches to unimaginable limits. And, with that, comes its own share of problems for the soon-to-be mothers.

One such issue occurs when the skin around the navel begins to darken. The thought of whether or not the skin will regain its original tone can worry quite a few mothers. Though in rare cases, the issue may take a longer time to get resolved. But, mostly, this darkening does fade quite a bit after the delivery.

However, there are a few ways in which it may be prevented or managed even during pregnancy. Here, we bring you some of these hacks:

1. Makeup


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This is a hack that you may have been using to hide all the undesirable dark spots since forever. And, here it comes to the rescue again! You can use some cosmetic makeup like a concealer, which can help lighten the affected area, at least for the time being. So, next time you are stepping out for a party, you can always use this hack. Fair warning though, this may easily wear off so you may need to reapply.

2. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

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This is one of the best ways to treat the darkening of the skin around the navel. Not only this, but it also helps by moisturizing the skin. And, the cherry on the cake is the amazing and soothing fragrance of cocoa butter. In fact, there are many cocoa butter-based creams out there in the market that can work wonders for you. This may help with the stretch marks too by increasing the stretchability of the skin.

3. Scrub


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At times, the skin may also become dark due to the dead skin cells getting accumulated on the navel. This accumulation gradually changes the skin color to a relatively darker tone. We are sure that you may have experienced a similar ordeal on your face in the past. And, you would have turned to your favorite face scrub for help. For your navel, you have to do the exact same thing. Scrubbing the skin around your navel can help you get rid of these dead cells. And, once you have removed these dead cells, you will notice a visible difference in the skin color.

4. Vitamin E-Based Gels

Vitamin E-Based Gels

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Do you know that Vitamin E has skin lightening properties? Yes, it does (1). Thus, many people suggest using vitamin E-based gels to enable lightening of the skin tone near your navel. You can pick off some gel from the market, which you can start applying on a regular basis. Doing so may help lighten the skin color around your navel. Not only this, but it is also known to improve the overall health of the skin.

5. Nutgrass Root Extracts

Nutgrass Root Extracts

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This is one of the home remedies that can be used to tackle the skin darkening issues around the navel. As per the old wives’ tales, nutgrass has been known to help with the lightening of the skin. Just grab some nutgrass extract’ oil and rub it on the affected area. This may help improve your skin tone within a few days itself.

Don’t let this get you all worked up though. Experiencing such skin problems when you are expecting can be a pretty common affair. But, the key is not to freak out and continue to care for your skin, much like how you have been doing it for years. And, you will notice its positive effects on your skin. Good luck!

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