9 Ways To Sleep Better While Pregnant


Pregnant women may find themselves tossing and turning, wrestling to get a good night’s slumber. Expectant moms are required to get enough sleep and rest throughout their pregnancy. But right from the first trimester, women struggle to catch enough ZZZs. 

A pregnant woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. Not to forget, the peak in the level of progesterone can lead to insomnia (1). As the pregnancy progresses, the heartburn, frequent urge to pee, backache, and shortness of breath make insomnia even worse. 

Nobody wants to be tired or groggy all day, especially when they’re expecting. But is there something you can do? Here we share nine ways to help you sleep better while pregnant.

1. Sleep When Your Body Tells You To

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You might be in the habit of getting to bed by midnight. But if you start dozing off at 8 or 9 p.m., don’t fight to stay awake only to find yourself struggling later at night. Listen to your body and head to bed when you feel even a little drowsy.

2. Get Some Sun

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Sunlight plays an integral part in keeping your internal clock ticking. Let your body soak up the morning sun for 30 minutes every day so that your sleep cycle doesn’t get disrupted. You can do this by reading a book in your backyard or taking a morning walk for half an hour (2).

3. Limit Your Caffeine Intake

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Caffeine is a stimulant that can negatively affect your sleep pattern. It can keep you awake long past your bedtime and throw your sleep routine completely off balance. We know it can be tricky to go cold turkey on caffeine. Everyone needs a dose of coffee to help them power through the day. But you certainly can limit the intake and avoid having caffeine past your lunchtime (3).

4. Make Your Room Cozy

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You need light only during the day. So when it’s time for bed, make your room as dark as possible. Ensure that the windows in your are covered with dark curtains to avoid any traces of light. Make sure that the bedding is comfortable for you and such that it invites sleep. Lastly, avoid using phones or any gadgets at least half an hour before bedtime.

5. Workout During The Day

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Exercising during the day can help you get better sleep at night. Do some physical activity that keeps you active during the day. It can be swimming, walking, yoga, or other safe workouts. Talk to your doctor and confirm that you are not running a high-risk pregnancy before you start working out.

6. Make Sure That The Mattress Is Comfortable

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The mattress you sleep in can have a massive influence on your sleep quality. You don’t want one that is too firm or too soft. If your current mattress isn’t comfortable for you, get a new one that provides you the right support.

7. Have A Relaxing Night Time Routine

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Taking a warm shower before bed can loosen up the stiff muscles and improve circulation, thus improving your sleep quality. Get cozy by reading a book if that helps you relax. It’s essential to make your nighttime routine as relaxing as possible.

8. Have A Light Dinner

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You don’t want your body overworking itself to digest your food close to bedtime. Ensure you have a light dinner, and remember having it at least a few hours before it’s time to hit the hay. As for any midnight cravings, switch to healthy snacks or salad.

9. Get Comfortable

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You can use wedge pillows or specially designed pregnancy pillows to help you sleep better at night. Most pregnant women find sleeping on their left side to be the most comfortable position. If you are suffering from heartburn, try propping your upper body to feel more comfortable (4).

There are bound to be times when you don’t get a good night’s sleep even after doing everything right. Try to relax and do breathing exercises to keep you calm. We hope our article helps you get a good night’s rest throughout your pregnancy.

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