8 Weird Things You're Not Supposed To Do When You're Pregnant

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Stop! You’re pregnant! Quite often people around you would have said this for the silliest little things you do during your pregnancy, isn’t it? Pregnancy does come with a list of dos and don’ts. Some are logical while the others may be myths. But with every relative or friend coming to you with their own ‘advises’, it’s difficult to figure out one from the other. We don’t blame you for being confused. Because there are indeed certain don’ts during pregnancy that you may find weird at first, but they will eventually turn out to be true. Here are a few such weird things that you are not supposed to do during your pregnancy (and no, they are not old wives’ tales):

1. Getting Tattoos Or Piercings Done


Tattoos and piercings are generally a health hazard if they are not done in a hygienic manner. Often people who get tattoos done are at a high risk of getting infections through unsterilized needles and punctured skin. During pregnancy, this risk is even higher because of hormonal changes. Plus, you wouldn’t want to put your little angel at risk, would you?

2. Eating Raw Or Processed Foods


You might love sushi, raw vegetable salads or that hot dog, but these meals are potential breeding grounds for the bacteria listeria, which causes listeriosis. Though listeriosis might be rare, pregnant women are more prone to them than non-pregnant adults. While cooking and pasteurization can kill this bacteria, the ready-to-eat foods (deli meats, hot dogs, etc.) can remain contaminated even after cooking or during packaging (1).

3. Roller Skating


Or any other extreme sports for that matter like skiing, horse riding, cycling, or contact sports (hockey, basketball, etc). Your doctor is sure to advise you against indulging in such sports because your balance is affected during pregnancy. With a growing belly, you are at a high risk of falling and injuring your abdomen. So, steer clear of such activities.

4. Take A Roller Coaster Ride


By that, we mean the actual roller coaster at the amusement parks. This one should be a no-brainer as to why you need to avoid it. Still, let us tell you, that the sudden starts, stops, loops, and other jarring effects of the ride might put you at a high risk of placental abruption or other pregnancy-related complications.

5. Carry Your Cellphone Close To Your Waist


Again, a very obvious one. Carrying your cell phone with you, especially in the hip holder, might look seemingly harmless. But the constant buzzing and loud ringtones might unnecessarily startle your baby. Let your baby grow peacefully.

6. Clean Your Pet’s Litter


Apart from the ick factor, pet poop contains dirt and parasites. Especially in the case of cats, which excrete a parasite in their stools that causes toxoplasmosis. Since there are greater chances of contracting infections during pregnancy, it is better to avoid touching and cuddling your pets as well.

7. Consume High-Mercury Seafood


While consuming fishes is considered excellent due to the omega 3 fatty acids, those with high levels of mercury are a strict no-no. This is because mercury has a deteriorating effect on the human nervous system, which can prove fatal to your baby (2). So, strictly avoid tilefish, swordfish, shark, and king mackerel. Stick to salmons, anchovies, or cod. Check with your doctor for more info.

8. Avoid Dental Procedures


Everyone wants those pearly whites, so why not a pregnant woman? Preventive dental procedures like cleaning and regular gum checks are recommended. However, any cosmetic dental procedure like teeth whitening or veneers is an open invitation to potential gum infection, which has often been linked to preeclampsia during pregnancy (3). So, avoid these cosmetic procedures until you have given birth.

We hope this list has given you an insight into some of the things that you might have thought weird but needs to be avoided completely. Remember, when in doubt, please check with your doctor. He/she is the best person to help you distinguish the truth from the myth. And make sure you stick to the plan. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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