16 Surprising Ways To Get You Pregnant

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Did you know one in seven couples have troubles in conceiving? A recent study led by Japanese and US researchers suggest that artificial lights in your bedroom that could also include the streetlights coming through the curtains could prevent women from conceiving!

Thanks to the conception tricks galore that have existed (or have been invented along the way) in various cultures. Some of them could seem extremely bizarre, but here they are:

1. Feng Shui

The Chinese wisdom is not behind in this matter. It advises couples to rearrange the furniture to get pregnant. As per Feng Shui, there could be blockages preventing the energy flowing freely around the home. So this explains why rearranging the furniture could help. Other tricks to bring about the positive energy is by placing symbols of fertility in the bedroom – for instance, a picture of a pomegranate. It is also advisable to minimize the use of laptops or mobile devices that could interfere with this energy in your bedroom. And you may not understand why, but placing a bowl of uncooked rice under your bed could help you get pregnant!

2. Baboon Urine

Time to get a bit gross. How about a concoction of baboon urine that some tribes in Zimbabwe brew? This unpleasant remedy seems to have the potency to help couples conceive. Apparently the hormonal content of the urine enhances fertility. Don’t be surprised if the remedy becomes a popular cocktail for weekend getaways in the future!

3. Wearing Socks On

It turns out that covered feet are warmer and helps blood flowing. Poor blood circulation could hinder fertility in men and women. So wearing socks while doing it explains!

4. Water-Fight

In Holloko, Hungary, there is an annual water fight event that has women flocking to the streets in traditional dress and have water splash over them. It is believed that in doing so, they are cleansed and bestowed with the gift of fertility.

5. A Whole Pineapple Snack

Pineapple could be labelled a wonder fruit for conception. It contains high levels of an anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain that helps the embryo implant on the lining of the uterus. Pregnant women who are overdue are advised to eat pineapple for the onset of labor. For best results for conception, it is recommended that you eat pineapples for five days following ovulation.

6. Eating Durian

Javanese belief has it that consuming durian boosts your sexual appetite and thereby increase the chance of pregnancy. Though this hasn’t been proven scientifically, it is a known fact that durian is rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, proteins and dietary fiber and adults could consume it in moderation. So you might as well give it a try.

7. Pomegranate

In the Turkish culture, eating pomegranate on the New Year’s Eve is supposed to boost your reproductive health. Pomegranates are rich in iron, antioxidants and have other beneficial properties. And above all, they are supposed to be good for increasing the sperm count.

6. Throwing Underwear On Your Roof

The Yansi people of Congo throw their underwear onto their roof during a waning moon to boost the chances of conception. You shouldn’t forget to retrieve your underwear on a new moon, though!

7. Using The Egg White

Inserting the raw egg white down there sounds pretty unhygienic. But doing this has widely been believed to assist in getting pregnant. It could be attributed to the lubricating property of the egg white as it emulates the ideal environment for conception. Avoid doing this, however, to prevent any infections.

8. Mount On The Giant Phallus In Japan

The Festival of the Steeled Phallus in Japan is flocked by thousands of visitors every spring to celebrate fertility and the male genitalia. Those who yearn for a child come here to mount a large model of the phallus to be able to conceive a child.

9. The Ceramic Phallus In Greece

Just as in Japan, Greece boasts of its 6 feet ceramic phallus. An Annual Phallus Festival is held in Tyrnavos. It is however not entertained by the Greek Orthodox church that disapproves of all the genitalia based revelry. Despite this, the site attracts some tourists from across the world to eat the phallus-shaped bread as it is believed this will improve the chances of conception.

10. Gemstones

Gemstones have been used for various purposes. It is said that the energies of the gemstones have great healing properties. Although we are unsure if they serve any bit towards helping in conception, yet the second conception of Kim Kardashian as she has claimed happened because she surrounded herself with moonstone crystals. Apart from Moonstone, Black Coral (for males) and Quartz are known to aid in conception.

11. Henna Tattoo

The ancient tradition of applying henna could have more to do than being a mere beautification agent. Apparently henna has therapeutic properties and as such it could help once conceive. The symbols of fertility include paisley, flower buds, tortoises and zig zags.

12. Nose Piercing

Nose piercing might have to do more than being trendy. In the first place, nose-piercing has been part of the culture in several Asian countries. But as it seems, nose-piercing helps improve fertility!

13. Conception Cap

A conception cap is nothing but a menstrual cap that is otherwise used for helping the sperm get into direct contact with the cervix thereby increasing the chances of the sperm reaching the uterus and fertilise the egg.

14. Herbal Tampons

Herbal tampons are known to unblock the fallopian tubes and thereby increase the chances of fertility. The herbs that go into these tampons are apparently the herbs that are formally prescribed by the Traditional Chinese Medical physicians to consume them as oral tonics for better reproductive health.

15. Acupuncture

Acupuncture can go as far as treating infertility. In men, acupuncture treatment is known to increase spermatogenesis, help sperm motility and improve their reproductive potential. The caution, however, is that acupuncture needles will go in around the areas of ‘family jewels’. So it calls for some guts to go through the procedure!

16. Keeping The Temperatures Low

High temperatures in and around the testes reduce the semen quality. Wearing tight underwears or pants does this as well. You might want to do away with them while at home. Thanks to a cooling underwear that has recently been introduced in the market. It is called Snowballs and helps keep the testes temperature cool and thereby help improve the sperm quality and count.

You never know which of these could work out for you. But bear in mind, you are careful about using naturally existing lubricants (coconut/canola/olive oils/egg white, for instance) or using electronic gadgets and WiFI that could reduce your sperm count in your bedroom!

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