What I Wish I'd Known About Pregnancy And Birth

Pregnancy is a magical experience, they say. And until I carried my child, I had no idea. Life changes from the moment you know that you’re pregnant. Emotionally or physically, you’re no longer the same. Before being pregnant, you can only imagine what it’s like to be pregnant, and conception is a different ball game altogether. While there are a few common issues or experiences that all pregnant women have, on the other hand, several of them are unique to each one of us. After my reports tested positive for pregnancy, there are a bunch of things I wish someone had told me about pregnancy and birth. Read on to know what these were:

1. You’re Never Totally Prepared For What’s Coming

You're Never Totally Prepared For What's Coming

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There are so many variables to being pregnant that one cannot guarantee what’s written for you. It is only with experience that you get accustomed to these. And if you’re lucky enough the second time, even then, similar situations repeating themselves is only a matter of chance. It’s only your baby that knows what it’s about to surprise you with! Since every human is built uniquely or perceives things differently, pregnancy and birth will never be the same for each one.

2. Sudden Changes Will Catch You Off-Guard

Sudden Changes Will Catch You Off-Guard

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One thing I wish I had known before was that not only would my belly look pregnant but almost all my body parts too. My belly was carrying twins, but I did notice my feet, arms, and even the shape of my nose change! My front tooth was removed, and my gums bled. Funny story, my baby was born with one tooth (probably the one I lost, haha!). Much beyond the evident physical changes, I did undergo mental and emotional shifts too. I became far more sensitive than I usually am, plus I also discovered a new spiritual path! And, honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the latter.

3. You May Feel Perpetually Depressed

You May Feel Perpetually Depressed

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I wasn’t aware that many mothers complain of being depressed once the pregnancy hormones kick in. My partner was the most supportive throughout my pregnancy, and I could count on him to help me with everything. But, for unexplainable reasons, I felt lonely even when he was present. I did join online parents’ communities, but there were many times during the journey that I thought I was isolated, unable to relate to people around me.

4. You’ll Become Aware Of How Magical Your Body Is

You'll Become Aware Of How Magical Your Body Is

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A beautiful realization that did strike me as I noticed my body accommodating to the new life inside me was how incredibly strong and capable it is. My heart and mind made me feel beautiful emotions and be aware of the twin miracles growing in my belly. I wish someone reminded me that women possess the magic of creation and that I could harness the strength of those birthing babies since the dawn of time. I wish I knew that even as they prepared me for the C-section, I displayed incredible strength even at my most vulnerable moments. While I did deal with some complications, I didn’t know I would be well-supported by this magical vessel through all of these uncertainties.

5. The Due Date Is Just An Estimated Date

The Due Date Is Just An Estimated Date

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There is a reason why it’s known to be an estimated due date. It’s good to avoid being too hung up on the due date. Pregnancy does not come with guarantees. Instead of being hooked up on the estimated date, focus on being present in the moment. I was mistaken to consider the estimated date written in stone which made me impatient and put me on an emotional overdrive. And being worked up doesn’t help. It’ll only make you nervous and lose your peace. So, trust the process. Your baby will arrive only when they want to! (haha).

6. People Will Offer You Advice, Good And Bad

People Will Offer You Advice, Good And Bad

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One thing about pregnancy is that people around you feel entitled to ask you questions so personal they’ll either drive you into a state of shock or stare at them in utter bewilderment. I was bombarded with questions I was never in the mood to answer, and my response was either a smile, a nod, or politely ignoring. I wish someone had told me I would handle things differently (sometimes in a witty manner) to keep uninvited questions or unsolicited advice at bay.

Pregnancy is sure to surprise and challenge you. You’ll cry and feel scared and frustrated for every uncertain moment you’re put through. You’ll want to be armed with all knowledge, but you won’t always know what’s coming. All your fears will pass.

Your doctor will be your best friend, and perhaps every other relationship will undergo shifts. And that’s fine. When the baby is finally in your arms, all your trials and tribulations will seem like a dream. All that’ll matter to you is your little bundle of joy. What unique experiences did you encounter when you were pregnant? Do share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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