What If Cats Started Talking About Pregnancy? This Is How It Would Feel Like

What If Cats Started Talking About Pregnancy

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Women are feline. As they say. But when it comes to pregnancy what will be the take of cats on their new avatar? Taking few purry quips here:

1. Don’t Mess Up With Us:

Don’t Mess Up With Us

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Yes, we can get outrageous. We can have our tempers shooting up as if with mercury. Pregnancy is not the time when you can expect us to get all pally-pally. We are so characterized with mood swings. So don’t trust us with our moods and mess up with us.

2. We Eat Everyone’s Food:

We Eat Everyone’s Food

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We are hungry most of the time. So don’t confuse our hunger pangs with gluttony. We will eat for two, if possible for three (if we expect twins).

3. Don’t Snatch Away That Yum Thing:

Don’t Snatch Away That Yum Thing

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When we feel like eating a thing, it’s not only our taste buds but also the gut instinct suggesting us to eat it. So if you think you will do me good by snatching it away, you are only doing harm to two.

4. We Have Aversions To Few Foods:

We Have Aversions To Few Foods

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Don’t expect us to have all the healthy foods. Don’t throw them at us when we feel like staying miles away from the foods we don’t feel like eating during this period.

5. Yes, We Can Walk Over You:

Yes, We Can Walk Over You

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Literally, yes. If you think we are little nutcases, especially during pregnancy when you wrongly perceive that our intel is at low, then you might want to rethink. You never know when we can walk over you.

6. Guess What, We Are So Cool-Headed:

Guess What, We Are So Cool-Headed

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Yes, we can think with our heads and not our hearts – if you believe otherwise. Pregnant women for some reason can also do lateral thinking ;)

7. We Have Got Just A Bit Immobile:

We Have Got Just A Bit Immobile

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Oh yeah…thrust upon us anything and we will still be sitting there. Not that we cannot get belligerent, or we can get defenseless. But it’s just that we are so immobile now, we can’t think of moving any more briskly than the fastest slug.

8. We Had Rather Agree With Dummies:

We Had Rather Agree With Dummies

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Oh, aren’t we getting argumentative? Perhaps that is why we prefer nodding for dummies than to people with some intellectual weight. Otherwise, you can bell the cat for some interesting debate with us.

9. We See What We See:

We See What We See

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Don’t think we aren’t observant. But we want to overlook a little bit of mischief from the wily little creature.

10. Mutters And Whispers:

Mutters And Whispers

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Keeping our tone low is typical of us now. Take into account the morning sickness, nausea, and all the weirdness we must go through. Suddenly the baritone voice comes to a passé.

11. Puke Time Got Easier:

Puke Time Got Easier

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As if we gain mastery at this. We are no longer apprehensive about the puke sessions. Sometimes we don’t mind peeping in that yucky poop chair expecting to throw up.

12. Don’t Be Funny With Us:

Don’t Be Funny With Us

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We are bubbly. But don’t take us for granted to be funny or welcome fun all the time.

13. The Dizzy And The Hazy:

The Dizzy And The Hazy

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The first trimester can be the worst dizzy period. But you never know. For some, it seems like something to last throughout the gestational period.

14. Hanging Out Isn’t For Us:

Hanging Out Isn’t For Us

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We are game for being indoors. A sunny lawny day may not be for us all the time. Sometimes we love our own time, our own space, for all the valid reasons.

15. Get Some Ear Plugs On:

Get Some Ear Plugs On

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We just pass off when you speak. Ideally we must be putting on some earplugs. Pass them to us, please. You will be doing yourself a favor ;)

16. We Don’t Use Hair Brush For Hair Do’s:

We Don’t Use Hair Brush For Hair Do’s

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Hair-do? Is it for us? We thought we had begun to use combs, brushes and other spiky stuff as massagers or scrubbers ;) (By the way, that so much of relief we seek).

17. We Love To Lazily Roll Over:

We Love To Lazily Roll Over

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It’s easy for us to hit the sack. Rather a floor. And keep lying down there for as long as possible, lazy to reach out even for the nearest thing.

18. Don’t Race With Us:

Don’t Race With Us

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We hate it when someone isn’t courteous enough to say, “You first,” which should otherwise be the norm of a decent man or a woman. And clearly we expect that of you!

19. We Dare To Party With The Bump:

We Dare To Party With The Bump

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Did you know that the bump season makes our parties even more freaky? Yes, it’s something to do with the innate happiness, of being special and carrying someone special. Binge revel is something we are careful about, though ;)

20. We Have Upgraded Our Size:

We Have Upgraded Our Size

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We know we aren’t in shape. But we are smart enough to get the right size, have our bodies fit into something that looks more decent on us now. So respect the dignified look we carry and the space that we fill in.

21. We Have Grown Wiser:

We Have Grown Wiser

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We have grown wise enough about womanhood, motherhood and life after all. So when you look at us now, you know you aren’t having your eyes meet with that of a dud.

Now is that enough of purrs? You never know if we think a bit more than cats can do for us ;)

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