What Lighthouse Parenting Is, And How It Helps Raise Self-Sufficient Adults

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Lighthouse parenting may sound like a hoax but it is the next step towards healthy parenting. You’ve heard of tiger, elephant and even helicopter parenting styles but lighthouse parenting is the new golden means of parenting amongst other styles. But what makes it so superior and why is it so popular amongst modern parents? In this type of parenting, the parent prioritizes trust and care which are the secret ingredients to bringing up confident children who then become self reliant adults. So, would you like to know more? Read on to know everything about lighthouse parenting.

1. They Love Their Kids, But Don’t Tolerate Bad Behavior

They Love Their Kids, But Don’t Tolerate Bad Behavior

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Don’t ever let your kids turn into someone you don’t like. That’s a good standard rule to follow when it comes to parenting. Although lighthouse parents love their kids unconditionally, they won’t stand by them while they act out or do something wrong. If their child is bullying another kid on the playground, they are going to get pulled aside and corrected. At the same time, they understand that shouting at their kids and overacting is not going to get them the results that they want. They are stern and serious without having a meltdown. Lighthouse parents choose to see things through their child’s perspective and have an open line of communication with them. They focus on the kid’s understanding instead of just blind obedience and believe that talking to their kids openly is the best approach for resolving conflicts.

2. They Let Their Children Try And Fail

They Let Their Children Try And Fail

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Failure is an important lesson for children to learn and the earlier the better. Unlike tiger parents who expect their children to excel at everything always, lighthouse parents know better than to make a fuss if their child gets a D on a test or doesn’t get first place at a piano recital. They embrace all of life’s ups and downs and want their children to do the same. This significantly decreases their kid’s stress levels, enabling them to perform better in tests. However, just like every other parent, they want their children to be successful, smart and happy, which is why lighthouse parents encourage their kids to keep pursuing their goals and doing better. They are able to dig deeper into their child’s personality and figure out what they are truly passionate about. That’s why they are also known as the best cheerleaders.

3. They Protect Them Without Restricting Their Freedom

They Protect Them Without Restricting Their Freedom

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Every parent wants to safeguard their child from all the ugliness in the world, but allowing your child to exercise their autonomy is equally as important. Lighthouse parents understand that, in one way or another, their kids will experience the world as it is. They understand that shutting their children into a golden cage is not going to benefit them in the long run. Instead, they slowly expose them to the realities of the world. It is important to keep in mind that they don’t abandon them or leave them to their own devices. They simply guide them when it is necessary and allow their children to explore their surroundings. Unlike overprotective parents who use scaremongering as a way of reasoning, like by telling a kid not to go to another block with their friend unless they want to get kidnapped. Lighthouse parents simply take off the training wheels and help their kids explore the world by suggesting that they explore the other block together.

4. They Are Open To Communication

They Are Open To Communication

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Lighthouse parents don’t care how difficult or uncomfortable a topic or conversation is going to be. They would much rather their children trusted them enough to open up about all the challenges they face in every stage of their life. They want their children to feel safe and secure enough to discuss just about anything with them without worrying about them getting upset or punishing them for having opposing views or different perspectives. Lighthouse parents prioritize having talks with their children as they believe it’s the key to preparing children for the world. Open communication is a great tool to build self esteem, trust and mutual respect.

This parenting style raises children who think and care about others. They grow up to be responsible adults who take accountability for their own actions and decisions. And because they have been in an environment that strengthens their confidence while still fostering their sensitivity, children turn out to be emotionally well balanced individuals. So, what do you think about lighthouse parenting? Would you subscribe to it? Let us know in the comments section!

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