What Your Child's Name Says About You

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Once your little bundle of joy arrives in your life, you’ll try and make sure that everything you do for him/her is special and unique. And that goes for your baby’s name too. However, finding the perfect name isn’t an easy task either. You’ll put in a lot of effort behind it – right from looking into its meaning, the way it sounds, or simply as a tribute to someone close to your heart. But no matter what you do, there’s a bit of your personality that is sure to reflect in your choice of your baby’s name. Here are five things that your baby’s name will tell about you:

1. You Believe In Standing Out

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When you’ve finalized your baby’s name, you expect one of the two things to happen. One – your family and friends will smile and exclaim that it is a unique name which they’ve rarely heard of, followed by curious questions about its origin and meaning. Two – your loved ones will definitely recognize the name but then you’ll go on to inform them that it is spelled differently, leaving them amused. This shows that you want your baby’s name to stand out if not for its unique sound or meaning, then at least for an unusual spelling.

2. You Want It To Blend With Your Baby’s Personality

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Haven’t we all come across names such as ‘Happy’ or ‘Poppy’, which might look cute on a little baby but sound odd when they grow up? Or names that might look appropriate for an adult, but rather too serious for a baby? So, when your baby’s name blends with his/her personality at any given point of time, then you have a winner.

Having chosen such a name that seems to suit your baby’s present and future personality shows that you are pretty foresighted. You have steered clear of getting swayed by the mindless trends and advice and went with a wise choice instead.

3. You Invest Heavily Into Emotions

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For some parents, naming their baby after a great grandfather or a family personality with whom they had an emotional connection is a go-to reference point. Doing so is their way of paying tribute to their loved ones and also preserving their rich memories.

And then, there are parents who have a clear favorite in the form of a literary character from their favorite book. This could also be because of that particular character leaving an indelible mark on the parent’s mind as a reader during his/her childhood. This also directly reflects the personal choice of parents when it comes to certain personality traits that they appreciate in a person.

4. You Are Proud Of Your Lineage

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There are a number of parents who take pride in their lineage, heritage, and even the place their ancestors came from. And one way they do it is by carrying a particular surname throughout generations. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for such parents to find a name that fits well with the family surname. And when eventually they do find a name that flows beautifully with their family name, they cannot wait to share it with the whole world.

5. You Simply Love It On Your Baby

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Sometimes, the kind of name you choose for your baby has nothing to do with any of the above-mentioned reasons. You might just come across it randomly, picture your baby, and feel it suits him/her perfectly! And, if the meaning of the name is equally good, that acts as an added bonus. However, all you’d be excited about at that point is when you’ll get to call out to your baby with that beautiful name.

No matter how you’d have chosen your baby’s name, there might have been one constant thought in your mind. And that would be of you reaching home, calling out to your little one, and your baby running into your arms. We’re sure this happy picture of your baby responding to his/her new name makes all this effort seem worth it. Doesn’t it?

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