When A Mother Took Inspiration From A Giraffe To Birth

When A Mother Took Inspiration From A Giraffe To Birth

Image: Erin Dietrich

A giraffe mom giving birth to a human baby! Sounds bizarre? Well, we’ve all heard of bizarre stories spun around pregnancies and how they can be overwhelming. This story wouldn’t be as bizarre when we would tell you about Erin Dietrich’s pregnancy.

When the world showed some major OCD signs over April, the pregnant giraffe, Erin decided to join in the league too.

April, the pregnant giraffe, who is currently sheltered in a nice cozy spot at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, became quite a sensation. Her beau Oliver was very confused through her last hours of pregnancy. He couldn’t quite gather why April wasn’t herself. April was a little troubled, more anxious, and seemed worked up! And why wouldn’t she be? She was carrying a 200-pound life inside of her.

the pregnant giraffe, who is currently sheltered in a nice cozy

Image: Animal Adventure Park

Erin was one of the many mothers to take inspiration from funky pregnancies. She watched a video of April, and after the first wave of shock had passed, she and her husband got the idea of giraffe masks. Joining in the league of OCDed people about April, she took it upon herself to convert herself into a giraffe mom, and that is what she became famous as. So, Erin aka Giraffe Mom wore the giraffe mask through a few final days of her pregnancy. She went around prancing and dancing at her residence, recording all of it on the go! However, she wasn’t the only one to do a mockumentary. Her husband joined in too and together they wore the masks.

Posting this video on Facebook, she seemed thrilled and excited about her pregnancy. She became a mother to a beautiful son recently. Porter Lane is the newest edition to the family of six now. He is the fourth child in the family and is perfectly healthy. The below image shows how happy she is breastfeeding her newest member. Or at least we know she is happy because she glued on to her mask immediately after the delivery as well.

She gave this description on her FB wall when she posted the picture, “He’s here!! He is perfect, healthy and just beautiful! Our sweet Porter Lane arrived at 6:11 pm tonight. 8lb 2oz and 21 1/2 inches. ❤
Our hearts are overflowing. Thank you so much for ALL the love and prayers! XOXO”

People can’t seem to have gotten enough of the adorable little human. She exclaims how amazing she and her husband felt the idea was and how lovely people were to appreciate it. A lot of people adored her video, which went viral in no time and went ga-ga over her craziness. Erin was joyous of how people added to the humor and blessed her baby.

As far as April is concerned, up until a few hours ago, she is yet to deliver her tiny one. But that doesn’t take away the fact that millions of people tuned into the live stream which the authorities at the Animal Adventure Park had shared. Information on her is pouring in, and doctors suggest that she is doing well. When the baby would be delivered is still a question, but until then, April has the heaps of love, blessings, and anxiety for the baby to come.

Of course, Erin beat her four-legged competition to give the world a lovely baby, but April is not too far behind!

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