When Can You Start Exercising After Your C-Section?

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Are you keen to shed those extra pounds that you piled up during your pregnancy? Are you looking forward to getting a flat tummy after sporting the baby bump for months? Did you have a cesarean delivery and are wondering when you can work out to get back in shape?

Getting back to exercise after c section delivery can be a little tricky. Read on to know when it is safe for you to start exercising again.

When To Start Exercise After Cesarean Delivery?

In most cases, your doctor will ask you to take complete rest for at least six to eight weeks after your cesarean delivery (1). A c-section is a major surgery as the surgeon makes an incision through your stomach muscles. Therefore, your body needs a lot of time to heal completely.

In a cesarean delivery, your stomach still looks puffy like a pouch. For the first few months, you should not do any strenuous post cesarean exercise. Any stress at the site of the incision can lead to a rupture. In fact, picking up heavy objects is also a strict no-no. It is important you follow the strict rest instructions for the initial healing phase before you think of hitting the gym. It will ensure that you do not stress or injure your body when you begin exercising.

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What Are The Safe Exercises After C-Section?

Once your rest period is over, you can begin by trying out some simple pelvic floor (2) exercises. Do this only if you feel strong enough. During your pregnancy, your pelvic floor has been through a lot of strain. Beginning with pelvic floor exercises will help you strengthen the area before you move on to a hard-core workout. You can perform pelvic floor exercises even while you pick up your baby. All you need to do is tighten the muscles in your pelvic floor and your lower tummy at the same time. Doing so will protect your back and prevent any sudden leaking. Continue doing the pelvic floor exercises for some time and let your body get comfortable.

You can slowly move on to exercises that involve your lower tummy muscles. It will help you strengthen your back further. Simple and light exercises will not cause any stress on your cesarean scar area.

You can also add walking to your daily routine. Start with a slow five-minute walk, gradually increase your time, and pace. You can also try gentle sit-up exercises that will help you tone your body. You can also join a post-natal exercise class after checking with your doctor.

Fat burning exercises after cesarean will tone your muscles and help you get your tummy back in shape eventually.

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A Few Points To Remember:

  • Do not exercise yet if you have any difficulty in walking.
  • Consult your doctor, if you feel any pain after ten weeks of childbirth.
  • Strictly avoid any exercise until your doctor gives you a thumbs-up.

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After your body completely recovers from the surgery, you can work on your fitness plan seriously. Remember, it is more important for you to remain healthy than lose weight overnight. Your body needs adequate rest to help you take care of yourself and your baby. Relax for the first few months and enjoy the bliss of motherhood. Hit the gym once your doctor gives you the green signal.

If you are a fitness freak mom, please share your experiences on postnatal exercises after c section.

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