When To Let People Visit Your Newborn

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No one is as loving, protective, or ferocious as a new mother. With the newborn under her protection, a new mom will not shy away from hissing at anyone she feels is a threat. This includes relatives who don’t wash their hands before picking up the baby or neighbors who seem to be down with a seasonal flu. But when a baby is welcomed into the family, it is usually a celebration for the whole community, and people from everywhere will be enthusiastic about meeting and squishing the little person. So, as a mother, the question that haunts you is, when is it safe to let your baby near other people? Here in this article, we will discuss some things you need to check before you let anyone near your child and whom you can trust with your baby. Read on to know them all.

1. Beware Of Germs

Beware Of Germs

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Squishing and cuddling a little bundle is one of the best experiences in life. Who wouldn’t want to take a high dose of oxytocin through the smell of a baby head? However, once you are a mom, it is not easy to let other people handle your baby, especially when they are too young to protect themselves from anything. Your baby’s immune system is still growing and isn’t equipped to handle pathogens of any kind. In fact, a baby’s immune system isn’t regarded as fully functional until after the first two months have passed. You may be as strict as you like; after all, it is your home, and your guests are your responsibility to please. They don’t get to meet your child just yet if they can’t respect your boundaries. You should remind them about the safety rules before meeting your little one. Here are some things you need to check with anyone coming in contact with your newborn.

2. Get Vaccinations

Get Vaccinations

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Because your newborn’s immune systems have not yet matured, they are more susceptible to illness. This means that in the first two months, anyone meeting a new baby or spending time with the infant (both parents and siblings) must receive regular vaccinations. People showing signs of disease (such as a cough, cold, fever, or the flu) should stay away from home until they are healthy again. Ask guests to wash their hands before they arrive and before they hold your infant to prevent the spread of germs. Use your best judgment on how often to request that guests clean up after themselves. If you feel any family member is showing early symptoms of illness, it’s best to restrict their entry into the room with the baby.

3. Be Firm On The Rules

Be Firm On The Rules

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Giving your infant some space is okay if you’re not ready to let everyone hold the newborn. It is up to you if you want guests to hold the baby, and you may ask them to keep their distance from the infant’s face if you feel uncomfortable with it. If you are working with a joint family or nosey neighbors, ensure you are all on the same page about the guidelines. Don’t feel obliged to let everyone touch your baby, including family members. It is up to you to decide what is safe for your baby. Also, if it is flu season, ensure the people entering your home wear a mask and don’t enter the baby room without sanitizing themselves.

4. Take It Easy

Take It Easy

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Once you have set the guidelines on how people behave around your newborn and see that they are followed, most people will do as you please. However, even with your best efforts, there is a chance that your baby will still fall sick and will need medical attention. However, that is all a part of growing up and parenthood. It might get exhausting and tiresome, but in the end, your child will strengthen their immunity slowly.

You’ve gone through a lot and deserve to care for yourself before worrying about your visitors. Before inviting guests, ensure you’re in good mental and physical health. A sleep-deprived new mother doesn’t need the added stress of having too many people around her house. Even though you can’t wait for your nearest and dearest to see your new baby, it’s important to remember that having them around might be exhausting. Do not be afraid to impose constraints. An “I believe baby and I need to sleep now; thank you for stopping by to visit us!” should be enough to end a visit when you’re ready for guests to go. So, what is your trick to keeping your baby safe from over-enthusiastic guests? Let us know in the comments section.

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