Why Am I So Hungry During Month 6 Of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy – month six. As I mark it on my calendar, I also look at my bump inadvertently. How far has it come now! The linea nigra looks more prominent. With the growing bump, I wonder what size the baby is by now. I make a checklist of baby gears and stuff. I begin to get the nursery ready. But when it comes to buying groceries for the month, all the foods get an order placed three times the general consumption. When did I begin to get so hungry?

There is no such thing as feeling hungry all the time by the sixth month. The last phase when I was so hungry was as growing up girl who could devour anything that mama made in no time, sending her back to the kitchen to make the next batch. As an adult feeling ridiculously hungry embarrasses me, but I need it. I need to eat that amount of food. I need to savor the taste buds. I need to feel my already big tummy even bigger!

Seriously, I wonder how my appetite can spike up in a way that it can match up with that of a sumo wrestler. When I dig into food these days, I do it in a way that I am not bothered about who is watching me. Or how I should watch my table manners. I can be the most uncivilized eater who can not only eat voraciously but also unmindful of whether or not others have started to eat. My husband would want to save his face at my behavior, but he has no choice but to keep up with the unpredictable food-monger that I have become. He must be prepared to cook for me at the most untimely kitchen hours or drive miles to fetch my favorite Mexican takeaway.

Plus, when did the sense of smell heighten? When the food smells waft through, I can be the first person to tell what’s cooking where, even if it were ten blocks away! Needless to say, a few smells can turn me off while a few can get me salivating.

Funny, it can get just the contrast of your first trimester when the foods smells can have you puke out. You don’t want to eat because you are nauseous all the time. I was advised to have a bag of crackers or a few bits of cloves handy. In the sixth month, you will want to carry a wagon of foods along wherever you go. It is the same with your weight. Your weight gain wouldn’t be too drastic initially even though your baby will be growing fine, but when you begin to eat so much in the mid-term pregnancy, your weight will increase.

Around week 24, you are so hungry that no matter what or how frequently or how much you eat or drink, you don’t feel like you have eaten. You crave for a three-course meal just about every time. You take all the liberty to order the desserts – not one or two, maybe even three! It wouldn’t stop with that. You will want something to munch on post the dessert time too!

What’s more, by now your husband knows that you won’t stop at eating. You will quip that he had eaten as much when he was a teenager, eating so much for his soccer match.

We, as pregnant women, have better but the clichéd reason to eat so much – eating for two. So while we have all the excuse to eat so much, we also seem to take pride in doing so – while indulging in all that you love to indulge. After all, they say that a preggo must not be denied what she wants to eat.

Yes, there will be drastic weight gain, you will balloon out, but as long as you are doing your exercises and your baby is healthy, just let the pregnancy hunger hit you.

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