Why Kids Are Extra Naughty With Their Moms Alone

Your darling child may bag the best-behaved kid award when they are around their father, grandparents, or teachers, but no one can convince you that your child is docile. This is because your little human goes into hulk mode only in your presence. As annoying as it is, it will keep you thinking about what you did to trigger the naughtiest version of your kid. Well, it’s not you alone. It has been observed that kids worldwide misbehave more when they are around their moms. So, if you have been asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” it’s not you. Here in this article, we have discussed why kids are naughty with their moms and how to reach out to them the right way.

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What Do Your Kids Want To Tell You?

What Do Your Kids Want To Tell You

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If you look at it in a way, your child may be trying to tell you, “I need you, mom!” through tantrums as a form of communication. It’s only standard for your child to want to get your interest in whatever way they can, primarily if they can’t yet intricately communicate with you through words. Children are more sensitive when their mothers are nearby because she provides for their fundamental needs, such as nourishment and protection.

To a child, a mother represents their needs, and from an early age, they are hardwired to identify her with basic necessities like eating and surviving. That’s why kids will do anything to win mom’s attention (a connection), sometimes resorting to extreme measures.

However, fathers represent safety, adventure, and playfulness to their children. Because it is not a necessary bond for survival, children don’t feel the need to constantly seek their dad’s critical attention. In the company of someone they don’t feel comfortable sharing their own feelings, most children will stifle their genuine emotions. Mothers’ suspicions that their kids would save “the worst” for them are likely unfounded. They respect you by throwing fits of pique and complaining because that’s how they express how safe and loved they feel in your presence. That’s why misbehavior may sometimes be a child’s way of saying, “I feel comfortable and happy when I’m with you, Mom.” Isn’t that cute?

Does Getting Angry Make You A Bad Mom?

Does Getting Angry Make You A Bad Mom

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We’ve come to realize that having your child act out in the presence of the mother isn’t always a terrible thing. The question is whether you should keep quiet and let them act out. Professionals advise against it. So that you may retain your sanity as the mother,, here are some suggestions for you to use with your kid.

1. Give Them Space

Give Them Space

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The best thing you can do is to accept your child’s tantrums and not take them personally. Allow your child the time and space to have a tantrum without interfering, but watch out that they don’t injure themselves or others.

2. Encourage Your Kid To Talk About How They Feel

Encourage Your Kid To Talk About How They Feel

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Your child needs to be allowed to relax and be themselves after a day of being “excellent” at daycare or school. You may teach your child that throwing a tantrum is never the only manner to express their emotions by suggesting other activities like running about, playing in the garden, painting, or reading aloud.

3. Get Your Spouse Involved By Giving Them A Few Responsibilities

Get Your Spouse Involved By Giving Them A Few Responsibilities

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It’s okay to take a break once in a while and just have your partner give the baby a bath or feed the baby. If your kid is old enough to comprehend, have a talk with them and tell them how you really feel. And don’t fall for their puppy dog eyes, and don’t let them use you. As we’ve seen, misbehavior in your presence might be seen as a sign of trust, but it shouldn’t stop you from maintaining and enforcing discipline. Teach your kid that Mommy loves them and will always be there for them, but she also has feelings and deserves to be treated with respect.

Get Your Spouse Involved By Giving Them A Few Responsibilities

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Being a mother means loving your kids more than the whole universe. Unfortunately, even though you would put everything second for your children, your kids often take the privilege of taking this love for granted and harass you till you exhaust every drop of patience in you. We know how difficult it is to have kids who are exclusively naughty with you, but sometimes it is all to get your attention. Make sure you talk to them and let them know that you share a bond no one can take away. This way, they won’t have to be a menace just to have you listen to them. So, is there a trick for your little Dennis the Menace? Let us know in the comments section!

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