Why Aunts Play A Crucial Role In Every Child’s Life

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If you were lucky enough to have an aunt you were close to growing up, you know what a privilege that is. Aunts have a unique purpose in shaping our lives. They are equal parts support, fun and pure joy. Your aunt was probably the one who let you stay up past your bedtime while she babysat or bought you your first lipgloss. But they are also the ones you go to when you have trouble with friends or need advice with sensitive topics you can’t talk to your parents about. This duality ensures that they play an important role in a child’s life, no less than the parents and grandparents. They make a special effort to occupy a space in the lives of their nieces and nephews, making their lives better. Want to know more about why we root for aunts? Read on!

1. They Are The Perfect Babysitters

They Are The Perfect Babysitters

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The aunt is one of the few people who has been close to the baby since birth. Not only do they know your baby but your baby knows them and probably loves when they come over to play with them. Whom best to leave them with when you need a day or night off parent duty? Aunts often act as babysitters because they know the baby’s habits, likes and dislikes and participate in their upbringing. You can trust them with your eyes closed to know what kind of diapers to use, how open to bottle feed the baby and when to take them on an evening stroll because they’ve most likely been doing these things with you since your baby arrived. Although grannies, and grandpas are always ready to take care of the children in their lives, the aunt has more endurance than the grandparents. This allows her to respond to the moods and whims of the child less emotionally.

2. They Are Your Child’s First Adult Friend

They Are Your Child’s First Adult Friend

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Despite being an adult, the aunt can act as your child’s friend. The fact that she is not the child’s parent allows her to communicate with them on equal footing. You may think this is odd, but it can be extremely helpful for your child. They finally have an adult who they can look up to and have a common language with while still viewing them as a figure with authority. This means your child is comfortable confiding in them because they know they will be understood and mentored properly. Besides, when an aunt can see your child as a best friend, it is that much easier for them to play and fool around together, creating a lasting bond. We’re sure you have some pleasant and warm childhood memories with your aunts as well!

3. They Help In Forming Family Values

They Help In Forming Family Values

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If you are family orientated and want your child to take after you, the best thing you can do for them is to help them bond and create attachments to other family members who will love and cherish them. The aunt takes up the number one spot on this list. The child follows their parents and family members and friends that are close to them with respect to forming and understanding family values as they see them as role models. They might even take after their favorite aunt and act or try to communicate like her. This is a sign that your baby is getting closer to the family. Yay!

4. Aunts Help Bridging The Gap Between Parents And Children

Aunts Help Bridging The Gap Between Parents And Children

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Although parenting is a serious job, sometimes parents forget to have fun with their kids. Since they are tasked with disciplining them and raising them to be good people, they can come off as strict, rigid and at times, a little stuck up. This is why your child needs a cool aunt to rat you out every now and then and tell your kids all the mischief you used to get up to! Don’t be alarmed. This is a good thing. Your child needs to know that you were a child once too. It humanizes parents and makes them more relatable and approachable. This will help your child look at their parents through a different lens, bridging the gap between parent and child. Besides, who else is going to recount fond childhood memories other than the aunt!

There are some familial bonds that are special and cannot be recreated. The bond between an aunt and their nieces and nephews are one of them. It is pure, filled with love and laughter and support. Your children can learn a lot about life and their parents through their aunts. In them they have a friend, counselor and confidant for life! How lucky are they. This is why we should give aunts the props they deserve and always encourage them to spend more time with the kids!

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