Why Do Babies Cry While Changing Diapers? 8 Tips To Help You Cope

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Do you dread each time you have to change your baby’s diaper in public? The hysterical cry is something no mom looks forward to during a diaper change. Every baby goes through stages of diaper resistance. If your baby cries and wails every time you change their diaper, you are not alone. Though it could also mean they are uncomfortable with their wet or poopy diaper, there could be several other causes for it. We also list eight tips to help you cope with it.

Different Reasons Why Your Baby May Hate Diaper Changes

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There could be several reasons why your baby is hysterical during diaper changes. Here we explain the different reasons why your baby is getting distraught.

Feeling Cold: Your baby gets naked during a diaper change. The accompanying coldness that comes with it may not be something they are prepared for.

Hunger Pangs: Are you changing your baby’s diaper close to their feeding time? If so, then your baby may be too hungry during the diaper change. Try feeding your baby first and then changing diapers.

No Idea What’s Happening: Newborns have no idea what’s going on every time you change their diaper. This can make them simply hate the idea of diaper changes due to a lack of knowledge. This can change over time once they become more familiar with the routine.

Feeling Restricted: Your baby has just started exploring his/her surroundings. They might have even learned certain newfound skills such as rolling, crawling, sitting, etc. The feeling of being restricted in a table lying still can make them cry and wail.

Getting Their Time And Body Controlled: They want to be in control of their body and time as they grow older. Taking them away in the midst of their playtime for a diaper change can make them fussy.

Tips To End The Diaper Changing Battles

Diaper changes can be challenging for both you and your baby. Here’s how you can avoid the unwanted anxiety related to diaper change and make it a fun experience:

1. Connect With Your Baby

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Use this time to connect and bond with your baby. Don’t rush into the process, take it slow and enjoy the one-on-one time with your baby.

2. Keep Your Baby Warm

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Choose a warm room to change your baby’s diaper. Make sure your baby isn’t too cold.

3. Narrate

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Narrate what you are doing in a calm demeanor. Explain what you are doing and make eye contact as you do it. This can set a positive tone.

4. Distract Your Baby

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Distract your baby by handing out a brush, baby lotion or remote for them to hold on to. You can also try keeping other fun objects near your baby for them to play with during diaper changes.

5. Be Silly

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Tickle your baby, make funny faces or blow on their belly- whatever makes them laugh. Lighten the mood so that your baby feels much more relaxed.

6. Give Them A Good View

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Try changing diapers by the window which has a good view. You can also hang a mural in the nearby wall.

7. Sing A Song

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Sing your baby’s favorite songs during diaper changes. This will get them smiling.

8. Let Them Know What’s Coming

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Let your baby know when it’s time for a diaper change. Don’t just sweep them up in the midst of their playtime. Nobody likes it when people start doing stuff to them without prior warning.

Remember, there’s no single approach that will work. Try these different tips and see what helps your baby feel better during diaper changes. More importantly, if you feel that your baby is constantly fussy due to a medical issue, then trust your mommy instincts. It’s always better to discuss with your baby’s doctor if something doesn’t feel right.

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