Why Do I Have Stretch Marks And What Do I Do About It

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Stepped out of a shower and noticed long pale lines on your skin while moisturizing? Known commonly as stretch marks, these can happen to anyone. Man, woman, adult, adolescent — you really can’t tell who or when stretch marks will strike.

Although they happen in places like thighs, belly or other areas with too much of fat content which are usually hidden, they can hinder you from wearing clothes you like. Like dresses for example. You really can’t show those legs off if you’ve got stretch marks! Besides, they are also a self-confidence dampener.

With that being said, stretch marks are not irremediable. If you have them, you can certainly improve upon their appearance. Even get rid of them altogether! All you need is a simple cure. But before we get to that, we know that you want to know why you got them in the first place. So let’s give you a low down!

Causes Of Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are the little tears in your skin. When they first appear, stretch marks can either be pink, purple, red, copper or brown in color (1). Their color is actually dependent on your skin tone. So, don’t freak out if you don’t see pale lines as shown in adverts. The colors of stretch marks mentioned here are perfectly normal.

As for what causes stretch marks, the reasons are many. Take a look at them below (2).

Pregnancy – The first and foremost cause of stretch marks is pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, your skin stretches considerably to accommodate the growing baby. This constant pulling of your skin leads to stretch marks.

  • Weight gain or loss – If you experience rapid weight gain or loss, then too your skin might stretch too much, leading to these marks.
  • Growth spurts – Growth spurts in adolescents are sudden and dramatic, leading the skin to stretch considerably.
  • Rigorous weight training – This is another cause of stretch marks and happens due to the rapid growth of muscles.
  • Other causes of stretch marks include a family history of them, being affected by certain diseases such as Marfan’s Syndrome, Cushing’s Syndrome etc., and the use of corticosteroid products, which decrease the elasticity of your skin.

Cure For Stretch Marks

There are types of cure for stretch marks — home remedies, cosmetic procedures, and over the counter products. Home remedies are usually not that effective and cosmetic procedures can get very expensive, leaving you with the option of OTC products. And that’s not a bad thing as these are actually very effective and inexpensive!

Now, you’ll get plenty of options in the market but not all of them will work. You have to be careful about what you pick. If you ask us for recommendation, we’d suggest Bio Oil. The leading product for scar and stretch marks in over 17 countries with a global presence in 127 countries, Bio Oil has been the number one for stretch mark treatment for women all over the world.

Formulated with a unique blend of lavender, rosemary, chamomile and calendula essential oils along with vitamins A and E, Bio Oil can significantly diminish the appearance of your stretch marks within just 8 weeks of regular use. What’s more, it’s non-sticky and dries quickly as it contains PurCellin Oil.

Several clinical trials have proven its effectiveness, stating that it reduced the stretch marks by a 100 percent within 8 weeks (4). Bio Oil is also non-comedogenic and intensely moisturizing. All you have to do is apply a few drops of the oil twice a day everyday on the affected areas. We’ve tried it too and trust us, you won’t find a better cure!

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