Hair-Shaming Is A Thing - Here’s Why We Need To Stop Judging Parents When It Comes To Their Kid’s Hair

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Have you ever judged a parent if their child wasn’t well-groomed or had a messy hairstyle? Then hold it right there! In reality, there are benefits to honing a not-so-perfect hairdo.

Hair-shaming and targeting children is a thing, and it should stop! I have heard people saying that, and taking a dig at a child’s appearance in public is just unacceptable! But every couple of months, I come across some celebrities and their children who are the talk of the town for the kid’s hairstyle or the messiness.

“Why don’t they brush their child’s hair well?” or “Messy hair makes their child’s forehead look so small.”

Wondering what it has got to do with you? Newsflash! It’s not just celebrities and their young ones who bear the cost; parents across your neighborhood are judged over their children’s hair way more! What’s more? Irrelevant chunks of gossip such as these make rounds on social media instantly and demotivate parents. Tomorrow, that could be you on the social radar of judgment.

If you think about it, why should a child’s hair be a hot topic of discussion? Here’s what I found out!

Our hair is one of those features that influence the way we look and feel. So, society will always be at odds with you or pressure you if they see your little one’s hairstyle as “off” or “out of place!”

As you may already know, the concept of “Don’t fit in when you were born to stand out” is unacceptable to humankind. And our hair plays a part in making room for such taboo since life as we know it.

Did you know that historically, our hair is a mere reflection of our stature in society? All the more phonier, we can say! But in reality, our hairstyles are inspired by old tribes, monarchs, and the film fraternity. Besides signifying our religious beliefs, it also conveys to society about our extended beliefs on how we plan on raising our baby. The notion that having a boy indicates honing a short and precise hairdo, whereas a girl needs to have long, luscious hair that’s prim and proper has stayed with us over centuries (1).

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If we think about it, why else would little princesses have long, beautiful, and sometimes unrealistic hair in films like Tangled or Cinderella? They set the bar as such, which builds societal pressure to look a certain way. And it has been ingrained in us since our childhood too. Unfortunately, even if we try to move past the stigma, we give in as no one wants their children to suffer just because of something as trivial as their hair.

Now let’s see what parents who opt for a messy hairstyle for children do differently.

Being Flexible Will Motivate Kids To Choose Their Own Path

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Haircare is important, but children need to take a call for themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. Being more flexible with kids helps them choose what hairdo works for them and what doesn’t — further pushing them towards making their own decisions.

Less Nagging Can Build A Child’s Self-confidence

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We all know that appearances can be deceptive. So there’s no reason for pressuring your child into combing their hair, simply because society demands them to look a certain way. Encouraging them to be their most authentic self will help them grow into individuals who value education and friendships over their looks.

Ask Kids: Instead Of Demanding, It Teaches Them About Consent

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We all want our children to thrive, and most importantly, stay safe. Requesting children to brush their hair and look tidy will low-key help teach them the concept of consent. Say, “I think you’d look great with a braid, but you let me know if you feel like it.” Let your child decide if they’re comfortable with the drill or not. That’ll help them analyze every situation and make smart choices.

We get it! No parent gets it right all the time. But let’s not take it upon ourselves to shame them for their parenting choice. Be it hair care or other practices, judge less and spread love. Our kids need to see the positives of being an adult, and it’s about time we all set great examples.

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