7 Reasons Why Maternal Grandmothers Are Important To A Child

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Angels made grandmas because they wanted to make sure you never run out of love and pampering. Think about it, your Grandma will always tell you, you look beautiful and will overstuff you with food. She will always have delicious homemade treats, and knows stories that can beat any series you watch online. Also, even if you have graduated, you will always be a baby to her. The strong bond and unconditional love that a grandmother and grandchild share is beyond comprehension. Here in this article, we have shared some points about why grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond and why maternal grandmas are crucial to your kids.

What Do Our Grandparents And Grandchildren Have In Common?

What Do Our Grandparents And Grandchildren Have In Common

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Genes are fundamental DNA-based components of inheritance. According to genetics, grandparents and grandchildren share an average of 25% of their DNA (1). This way, all our grandparents pass on their DNA to us, but researchers believe that the genes of the maternal grandmothers have the most impact on the next generation (2).

Our Grandparents Give Us Something Unique

Our Grandparents Give Us Something Unique

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Given that grandparents raise a child, who then bear their own children, maternal grandparents have a closer bond with their grandkids. In many households, the grandmothers have a more significant duty and spend more time on kids. Maternal grandparents play a crucial psychological and genetic role (3).

Scientific ideas demonstrate that maternal grandparents and grandchildren share a close genetic relationship. According to one of the ideas, the X chromosome link may help to explain why maternal and paternal grandparents are attached to their grandchildren differently (4).

Paternal grandparents impart their X-chromosomes to their daughters but not their grandsons, whereas maternal grandmothers have 25% X related to their grandsons and granddaughters. Accordingly, paternal grandparents have a 50% gene relationship with their granddaughters and a 0% X-relationship with their grandsons (5).

Here are a few ways grandparents and grandchildren benefit by sharing a close bond.

1. Grandchildren Enhance Cognitive Function

Grandchildren Enhance Cognitive Function

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Although spending time with young children might be draining, it can also improve elderly people’s cognitive abilities. For example, according to studies, postmenopausal women who look after their grandkids merely one day a week outperform their counterparts in terms of cognitive function (6).

2. Children Are Taught To Respect Traditions By Grandparents

Children Are Taught To Respect Traditions By Grandparents

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When it involves passing on traditions, grandparents are excellent instructors and may help grandkids feel connected to the past. Humans benefit from traditions in that they feel safe and develop familial identity. While you may create new customs as you go, maintaining the existing ones is nice.

3. Children And Grandparents Aid Each Other In Increasing Knowledge

Children And Grandparents Aid Each Other In Increasing Knowledge

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Grandparents and grandkids who get along well can learn more from one another. Grandparents may share anecdotes about their lives and those of the remainder of the family while also imparting valuable life lessons to their grandkids. By keeping them informed of current developments and assisting them with technology, the grandkids may also help their grandparents learn a lot.

4. Grandchildren Aid In Enhancing Immune Systems

Grandchildren Aid In Enhancing Immune Systems

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Children frequently spread diseases, become sick, eat inappropriate foods, and have contact with inappropriate objects. However, spending time with the grandkids can strengthen your parent’s immune response, keep them healthy, and reduce the amount of personal care they need, so this could be a good thing.

5. Grandparents Can Significantly Decrease Family Stress

Grandparents Can Significantly Decrease Family Stress

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An emotional bond between grandparents and grandchildren is linked to lower depressive symptoms for both the generations. According to a survey, 72% of grandparents believe that having grandchildren is the most significant and fulfilling experience of their lives (7).

6. Grandchildren Reduce Depression Risk

Grandchildren Reduce Depression Risk

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The fact that most grandparents like spending time with their grandkids may not come as a huge surprise. However, the advantages for their emotional well-being go beyond merely a pleasant sensation; the better the relationship, the more significant the antidepressant effects.

7. Grandparents May Be Excellent Instructors

Grandparents May Be Excellent Instructors

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Many families nowadays struggle with time management, making it challenging to find time to teach kids basic skills. Grandparents, on the other hand, have time and abilities and are frequently more patient than frazzled parents. As a result, they can impart excellent and safe work habits to their grandkids. Simple tasks like folding towels, tightening fasteners, pumping air in their bicycle tires, setting the table, and sewing on buttons may make a significant impact.

Various ideas explain the unique function of a grandmother in our lives. Our maternal grandmothers are the ones to whom we are most closely related out of the four grandparents. The fact that specific individuals resemble their grandchildren more than their parents supports his idea that some of our genes may “skip” a stage and be transferred from our grandchildren directly to us.

Regardless of our genetic affinity, we are grateful for the love, guidance, and wisdom that our grandparents provide us. They are why your parents could leave you behind for work and be at ease that you would be loved and taken care of. Also, who can resist the yummy treats grandma makes that make you go chubby each time you visit her? So, what is the best thing about your nana? Let us know in the comments section!

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