9 Reasons Why Naughty And Unruly Children Are The Happiest

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Kids will be kids, and even with your best efforts, chances are that they won’t listen to a word you say, and run away screaming. Your best weapon is -‘Santa knows when you are naughty.’ But Santa works only during holidays, so you are left with 11 months of the unruliness of your tiny toddler. You’ve probably wished for a docile kid instead of a little monster who is painting the dog, but is having a naughty kid all bad? No Siree! Reports have shown that children’s overall happiness increases when they are being naughty (1). So whenever you feel like your kid is out of control, it’s best to take a big breath and consider the long-term effects on their growth and success. Here in this article, we have a list of reasons why it is essential to cut your kids some slack and let them be as mischievous as they want to at times. Read on!

1. They Have More Confidence In Their Own Opinions And Act On Them Without Hesitation

They Have More Confidence In Their Own Opinions And Act On Them Without Hesitation

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Every kid is different and has their own quirks and perspectives on life. However, parents who label and categorize their children can have trouble expressing themselves and discovering what they truly want. Naughty kids, on the other hand, aren’t scared to stand out and be themselves, regardless of the opinions of others around them.

2. This Is Their Effective Way Of Exploring The World

This Is Their Effective Way Of Exploring The World

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Children can’t be put under one category of characteristics. They can be sensitive, loud, and even impatient. A child’s chance to learn about the world is diminished if their parents constantly tell them to be quiet and show no signs of initiative. When a child’s natural inclination to explore isn’t stifled, that child is more likely to grow into an inquisitive adult.

3. They Follow Their Natural Behavior And Patterns

They Follow Their Natural Behavior And Patterns

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It’s just like most kids to be hyperactive and occasionally defiant. They are open with their emotions and make the best of every opportunity. Their level of passion, at times, may border on being ridiculous. However, if a kid is being wild and out of control, it’s a sign that they’re content and secure on their own.

4. They Have A Greater Capacity To Process Emotions

They Have A Greater Capacity To Process Emotions

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Even as they become older, mischievous kids can maintain a stable connection to their feelings and comprehend the motives for their misbehavior. Those children are more inclined to display emotionally mature behavior. They develop an awareness and appreciation for other people’s feelings and come to terms with their own emotional experiences.

5. They Ignore The Opinions Of Others Around Them

They Ignore The Opinions Of Others Around Them

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Mischievous kids don’t care if their actions are rewarded. They have a firm grasp on what is best for themselves and are unafraid to pursue it. They are confident to try because they realize that failure is not the end of things and that every problem can be solved. Kids don’t mind being the center of attention or receiving constructive criticism because they realize that their thoughts and feelings are important.

6. They Don’t Try To Win Peoples’ Affection

They Dont Try To Win Peoples Affection

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Naughty kids don’t bottle up their feelings since they know their parents love them no matter what they do. These kids grow up in a stable home with parents with the emotional fortitude to handle whatever challenges may arise. They give their kids the love and attention they need and show them how to act appropriately without stifling their individuality.

7. They Are Better At Problem Solving

They Are Better At Problem Solving

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Overly compliant and self-conscious adults are probably those who were excessively obedient as kids. Reckless kids are more likely to try everything at once, and they’re more likely to attempt many strategies before finding the one that works. They’re more confident, and they can assert themselves the correct way.

8. They Are More Creative

They Are More Creative

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The imaginations of mischievous kids are boundless, and they are always eager to test out new things. These young people have grown into resourceful adults in all areas of life and see that there are always two sides to every story. They have confidence in their own opinions and don’t let the judgments of others dampen their own.

9. They Have Confidence In Who They Are

They Have Confidence In Who They Are

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Even the naughtiest kids know they are loved no matter what and don’t need to struggle to earn that love. They think well of themselves. This doesn’t imply they aren’t making efforts to improve themselves, but rather that they do it only for their own satisfaction rather than to win over others.

Having naughty kids doesn’t raise eyebrows as kids are supposed to be playful and do cute things that make you go ‘aww.’ However, there is a difference between being naughty and being vindictive. Make sure you teach your kids what actions are acceptable and what are not. So if they happen to draw a smile on the wall, it is forgivable, but if they push their little sibling for fun, it is not. It takes time, but your kids finally get it with patience and proper guidance. So, what is the naughtiest thing your kid has done ? Let us know in the comments section! Take care.

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