How You Can Save Your Baby From UTI

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Mothers take utmost care to avoid a cold, cough, or stomach infection in their babies. These pass through the baby’s nose or mouth into its body. But there is another source for the bacteria to enter the body – the urinary tract.

Urinary tract infection or UTI is a common problem among children who are under two years. It can occur anywhere in any organ of the tract – bladder, urethra, ureter or kidneys.

UTI can be a result of internal reasons such as constipation and vesicoureteral reflux (wherein urine back-flows from the bladder into the ureters and kidneys). However, the infection in babies is mostly caused by poop particles, which are stuck onto their diapers/pants or the child’s tendency to hold on and control his urge to urinate.

The number of parents using diapers for their babies has increased drastically. We have gradually moved from cloth nappies to diapers, but our job does not end at just using a diaper for the baby. Here is why:

  • A study in Indonesia in 2011 tried to find the impact of diapers on UTI in babies. It studied 180 children and found that the incidence of the infection was high in babies who wore a single diaper for more than four hours.
  • Girls are at a higher risk than boys as their urethra is very near to the vaginal opening unlike in boys.
  • Not just the duration but also the leakage of urine from the diaper can cause infections in the baby.
  • Also, once the baby is old enough to move, it is hard to make him wear a diaper as he refuses to stay put at one place. This results in leakages and infections.

But this does not mean that we go back to cloth pants. What it means is that we need to select the right diaper and follow certain hygienic practices.

Understanding a mother’s needs and dilemmas well, Huggies has introduced Huggies Ultra Soft Pants, which are so soft and textured that they fit inside your baby’s dress just like underwear. They help you prevent infections in the baby as:

  • the dry and breathable diapers absorb urine and runny poop quickly before they can enter your baby’s body and cause any damage. The absorbent diapers also prevent a diaper rash.
  • Huggies Ultra Pants have super soft texture that absorbs real quick. This means that you would not have to worry about checking the diaper frequently.
  • The pants can be pulled up or taken off just like underwear, so you need not have to pin your baby down every time you make him wear or remove a diaper.
  • The most important feature of Huggies Ultra Pants is that they are custom-made for boys and girls. They are designed for frontal absorption for boys and central absorption for girls. Can anything be more innovative than this?

Huggies has undertaken an in-depth research into a baby’s diaper needs before coming up with Ultra Pants. It has studied 1,000 babies across Asia to design a product that specifically fits Asian baby contours.

Diapering is a convenient way for mothers to take a break from the daily chores of their babies. Using the right diaper is even more convenient as moms can stop worrying about infections too.

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