Here’s Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage

Here’s Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage

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For every person, marriage is the beginning of a beautiful, new chapter of their lives. It marks the start of a remarkable journey – the one that they share with their beloved partner. Here, you get to create your own memorable stories and pen down your own experiences. Typically, this is the time when you finally get to live with your partner under the same roof and get to know them in a very new way.

Marriage is a hugely significant chapter in a woman’s life as she needs to leave everything behind and move on to another home. She is now expected to raise a legacy with her significant other. And, amid all the pressure of adjusting into a new house and make it her own, she does tend to gain a certain amount of weight.

Women generally tend to put on a few extra kilos post marriage. This change in physical appearances can be due to a plethora of factors. Here, we bring you some of these reasons:

1. More Conscious About Yourself Before Marriage


Before your marriage, you tend to be much more conscious when it comes to yourself. You would try to maintain your body by eating healthily and working out regularly. In fact, since you had a lot of time for yourself before marriage, you would also indulge in activities such as dancing, skipping, walking, or cycling. But, after getting hitched, you might have had to hit a pause to all such endeavors.

2. Lighter Dinner Before Marriage


When you are single and you only have to make food for yourself, you tend to eat lighter, especially during the night. But, when you get married, this eating pattern sees a huge shift. Post your wedding, you start making wholesome dinners for both you and your partner. This is perhaps the only time that you get to spend with each other peacefully. So, you obviously start enjoying heavy dinners with your significant other and that results in a bit of a weight gain.

3. More Stress


As you enter a new household, you tend to get more stressed about things. You, of course, take some time adjusting to the new responsibilities that marriage brings in. And, along with the professional stress, it can really bog you down. At times, you may feel physically exhausted because of this. Or, you might stress eat. All of this may cause your physical appearances to change a little.

4. Finally, You Can Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin


After you got married, taking time out to maintain yourself might have become tough. And, the fact that your lovely husband loves and adores you for who you are makes it even harder to care about your appearance. So, without even realizing it, food and laziness can become your best friends. This may happen with your significant other so keep a check on him too!

5. The Flipside Of Lovemaking


Can we agree on one thing? Lovemaking is the only form of exercise that you might be getting these days. It is believed that indulging in physical intimacy can completely ease and relax you. Thus, it causes you to fall asleep quite easily, making you gain even more weight.

We know that this sudden change in physical appearance might have caught you off-guard. But, if you have realized this, start working on balancing your additional responsibilities with personal goals and accomplishments. Remember to love yourself and believe in yourself. No matter how busy and hectic your day is, take half an hour out and just do something for yourself. You can do anything, ladies. So, good luck!

If you can think of some other factor that might be responsible for the sudden weight gain, do share with us in the comments section below!

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