4 Reasons Why You Should Discipline Your Child While They’re In the Bath

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Parents have it hard. From figuring out what your kids will eat without throwing a fit, what school to send your kids to, keeping track of their ever changing favorite colors and cartoons, they also have to contend with the never ending tantrums the kids may have at any given moment. There are different reasons for your child’s bad mood. Maybe it’s because they are sleepy, tired or hungry. Or maybe it’s simply because they want your attention. Whatever the case may be, it’s up to the parents to discipline your tiny tots. This however, may be easier said than done. Not only is it important to figure out how to discipline your kids but when you do it may be just as crucial. There are several mistakes that parents can make when reprimanding their children, and one of them is the timing in which it’s done. According to experts, there’s a perfect moment and environment for having tough conversations with your kid, and it’s during their bath time. Hey, we know it’s weird and unconventional but why not give it a shot? Here are 4 reasons why you should discipline your child while they are in the bath!

1. Reprimanding Your Child When Your Emotions Are High May Have Negative Consequences

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This little titbit may come in handy the next time you want to lash out at your little one for running away from the playground just to mess with you. As frustrating as it may be, it’s best to reserve the scolding and conversation for later as you may still be in fight or flight mode and that outburst of adrenaline may lend to the way you speak to your child. Discipling your child when you are angry and not thinking rationally is a big no-no. You are more likely to say or do something that you may regret later. The best thing to do is to put an immediate stop to their bad behavior by saying what they did was wrong and postone the longer discussion of how they are wrong for a later time. Try reopening the subject in a calmer surrounding when your child cannot leave the room and is in a place to listen to you, like the bath.

2. Lack Of Distractions

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Think about it, taking a bath involves just one activity. There are no ipads or TVs in sight. At least we hope not. Electricity and water do not go well together. Which means that you have your little one’s undivided attention. This is the ideal atmosphere for kids ages 3 and above, especially when the goal is to have a focused conversation with them. As long as you don’t let too much time pass between the incident and the bath talk, you’re good to go!

Put them in a positive mindset with some bath bubbles and splashes and sague into discussing what happened earlier on in the day. Give them examples of how they could have reacted better in order to express themselves in that situation or explain to them why doing a particular action could put them in danger.

3. Bath Time Offers Emotional Benefits To Your Child

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Yes, you should bathe once a day in order to stay clean and maintain hygiene but did you know that a good relaxing bath can cleanse you emotionally? Let us explain, we’re not talking about performing an ancient water ritual on your child. Slah time is a nurturing environment that allows kids to immerse themselves in the feeling of touch, language and play. The feeling of water on their skin, plus soothing scents, can help them de-stress. And their parents’ touch can also slow down their heart rate and blood pressure, which makes them relax. This tranquil state will allow them to pay better attention to what their parents are saying. How wonderful is that!

4. Allow Your Child To Share Their Feelings

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Part of creating a safe space for your child is allowing them to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences without the fear of being reprimanded without reason. Give your child the chance to explain themselves. It’s important to ask them what they were trying to do at the moment and what they were feeling. When they are talking to you, listen intently and don’t interrupt them. After they are done venting you can take things into consideration and explain matters to them patiently.

Discipling your kids doesn’t have to be dramatic, traumatizing and awful. It can be done in a calm manner in a peaceful environment and still beget the same results. The next time your little one is out of line, wait till bath time to bring it up and come up with a solution together. Happy parenting!

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