Woman Delivers Baby In The Hospital Corridor, Photographer Captures The Raw Emotion Of Childbirth

Woman Delivers Baby In The Hospital Corridor, Photographer Captures The Raw Emotion Of Childbirth

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For any couple, childbirth is an extremely emotional and private experience. For some mothers, pregnancy goes smooth, but others don’t have it that easy. However, this Kansas mom, Jes Hogan had an incredible incidence of just-in-time baby delivery that had been magically captured by photographer, Tammy Karin from Little Leaping Photography (1).

The moment was full of hysteria, as the little one initially had a long time coming. After what felt like ages of contractions, Jes began to believe that labor might’ve to be induced as her contractions were not leading to natural labor (2). But, then all of a sudden, Little Max decided he wanted to come out.

Jes’ husband Travis prepared for the labor, got her into the car and left for the hospital, in no time. It gave Jes ample time to let Karin, the birth photographer know, that she is on her way to the hospital. She recalls that as they neared the final turn to the hospital, she began to scream because she could feel the baby coming.

Travis couldn’t help but honk while Jes was screaming through her contractions. Karin thankfully reached just in time to witness their oh-so-dramatic arrival and help them get inside the hospital.

Shocked as she was, the receptionist exclaimed on the top of her voice, “Oh god, he’s here.” Jes further adds how she started to take her pants off as her body kept trying to push the baby’s head out. She reached down and could feel the head of the baby crowning with her hands. Jes frantically looked at Travis and asked him to catch the baby.

While this was happening on the floor outside the ER, Tammy, in a panic-stricken state was calling out to every nurse and simultaneously shooting away with the camera in her hand. She explains how it was the craziest birth of her life, but, in a way, the most perfect. Though nothing had gone according to plan, they ended up taking home a healthy baby boy with the support of amazing hospital staff by their side. She remembers it as a beautiful moment and will forever cherish the memory of it.

Scroll down to witness Jes’ incredible pregnancy in pictures and keep those tissues handy!

  1. Jes had contractions for a couple of days but did not go in labor. This is the scene of their dramatic arrival to the hospital.

    dramatic arrival

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

  2. Jes realized that her body is involuntarily pushing her baby’s head out. So she took off her pants knowing ‘the big moment’ can arrive anytime soon.

    pushing her baby’s

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

  3. She recalls the sight of nurses rushing towards them. They were quick to catch up and helped her lay down just as her body once again began to push the baby out.

    rushing towards

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

  4. She saw her baby coming out and it was the sight which overwhelmed her completely. The nurse gently cut the umbilical cord and the head was entirely out.

    it was the sight

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

  5. “Oh my god, he’s here,” she screamed as she held her baby in her hands for the first time
    she screamed_5

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

    she screamed

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

  6. While this story was straight out of a fictional movie, it was what we call “A Perfect Birth”

    straight out of a fictional movie

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

  7. Jes delivered a healthy 6 lbs 7 oz baby, their only son. She is a mother of 6 beautiful daughters. This was the quickest delivery Jes ever had, and surreal to say the least.

    healthy 6 lbs 7 oz baby

    Image: Little Leapling Photography

All thanks to Tammy who helped us view this magical journey and made us realize that even things that go unplanned could turn out to be beautiful.
Do you have an extraordinary pregnancy story to share? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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