Woman Runs 1.6 Km With 9 Month Baby Bump In Just 5 Minutes, 25 Seconds 

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Being pregnant is no easy feat. It comes with a lot of challenges and difficulties. You experience nausea, morning sickness, body aches, mood swings, swelling, and joint pains regularly. Your body also undergoes a lot of hormonal changes, and you have the weirdest of cravings. Sometimes all you want to do is rest and stay in bed, while other times, you want to go on drives and other adventures. It’s different for every woman, and as much as pregnancy symptoms are similar among most women, the method of dealing with it differs from woman to woman.

Some women like to follow the same daily routine before their pregnancy to avoid feeling overwhelmed with the drastic changes in their lives. Keeping some things that you can control in your daily routine ensures a certain level of familiarity and comfort. When you’re a fitness enthusiast, staying fit and exercising becomes a huge part of your everyday life. Makenna Myler is one such woman who did not let her pregnancy stop her from staying fit or completing her running goal.

Pregnancy changes a lot for a woman. Myler also had to change her fitness routine during pregnancy. The coronavirus pandemic added to that change and her training regime. Myler is someone who has dedicated her life to fitness and athletics and shocked every fitness enthusiast with her dedication to it. Read on to know more.

The Incredible Feat!

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Makenna Myler is 28 years old and pregnant. Her due date was on October 19th, and yet, she managed to complete her running goal of 1.6 km in less than 6 minutes. Imagine running with a 9-month baby bump! It seems impossible, right? Not for Myler. A run of about 1.6 km (or 1 mile) generally takes a normal and fairly healthy person almost 9-10 minutes. But Myler completed the run in nearly half time while her husband cheered her on. She wowed fitness enthusiasts and athletes all over the world with her incredible achievement.

In an interview, Myler said that her training routine changed quite a bit due to her pregnancy. From twice a day and three intense workouts throughout the week, she had to reduce her training to once a day and once a week to accommodate the growing baby inside her. Myler said that she did not think she could complete the run within that time but took it week by week. She said that it’s the mindset that really matters. The mom-to-be did not think of it as something she had to do, but instead as something that she gets to do, and that’s what made the difference.

To all of you wondering if it was a safe choice for the 9 months pregnant mama, it is. Myler’s training routine was approved by her doctors. She revealed that her doctors were very supportive of her choice to continue her fitness routine. One of her doctors was skeptical about it, but after examining her baby and her ultrasound reports, he gave her a thumbs up to carry on her running, provided it was not too intense.

Many people say that pregnancy slows you down and crushes your dreams and goals, but Myler is the perfect example that proves nothing is impossible during pregnancy. It depends on how determined you are about fulfilling your passion and goals. Of course, it’s always crucial that you speak to your doctor before deciding about your health, fitness routine, or general well being during pregnancy.

Myler got her doctors to support her through this journey, and it’s a reminder to every pregnant woman out there that if you put your mind to it, most often than not, the universe supports your passion and lets you have it! Did the news about Myler surprise you? Comment below and let us know.