5 Women Share The Hardest Part About Being A New Mom

Women Share The Hardest Part About Being A New Mom

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Becoming a new mom can be incredibly rewarding. But there’s no denying the fact that it’s a lot of work. Pregnant women count down the days until their due date filled with hope and excitement for this new chapter of their lives. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing your newborn’s smile, but being a new mum is extremely hard as well. For this article, we asked first-time mums from our MomJunction community to share their experiences of being a new mother. Here’s our pick of top 5 favorite shares:

1) Forget About 8 Hours Of Uninterrupted Sleep

Forget About 8 Hours Of Uninterrupted Sleep

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‘I was told throughout my pregnancy how much I would miss my sleep once my baby was born. But the thought of not getting enough sleep never registered in my mind until I actually had to deal with it. With a newborn in my arms, sleep deprivation was kicking my butt all throughout the first year after my baby’s birth. It took my husband and I a long time to find a rhythm that works for us both. But 2 years down the line, sleep continues to be the one thing I miss the most.’ Rupa

2) Every Mother Is Unique

Every Mother Is Unique

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‘While some mothers instantly hit it off with their baby, it took me several weeks to bond with my little girl. There I was holding a tiny creature who barely acknowledged my existence. It took me some time to bond with my baby when all she did was drink, poop, spit-up, and repeat. Even though I kept reassuring myself that it would happen soon and I just had to be patient, I was overcome with the guilt of being a bad mom. It was probably the hardest time of my life.’ Nivya

3) ‘Breastfeeding Didn’t Come Naturally For Me’

Breastfeeding Didnt Come Naturally

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‘My sister, my mom, my grandmother, and my friends, they all made it seem like breastfeeding was a breeze. Just pop your girls out and your baby will suck away. Though there was some discussion about slight discomfort, there was no mention of the painful latch or the lack of milk or cracked nipples. Nobody tells you that breastfeeding can be tough and you might struggle to feed your baby or be judged for switching to formula.’ Rishwa

4) Looking At The Stranger In The Mirror

Looking At The Stranger In The Mirror

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‘Women are told to embrace their body. Love the perfectly imperfect scars, they say. But every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see was a stranger. A stranger with flabby arms, loose skin, stretch marks, and double chin. With my body, I kind of lost sense of who I was as a person. I no longer felt attractive or confident. I was confined in my role of motherhood for the longest time and my self-esteem took a huge hit. And whenever I tried to open up about my feelings, I was told I was being silly for even having those thoughts. I was told to be grateful for my son and for giving birth. However, it took me a long time to accept and love myself. And there are still moments when I don’t embrace everything about it. ‘ Nayana

5) Stressing Over Everything

Stressing Over Everything

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‘It’s hard to find a moment of peace when your mind is stressing over every single thing about your baby. ‘Is she eating enough?’ ‘Am I producing enough milk?’ ‘Why isn’t she up by now? That’s a long nap.’ Even if I’m not tired by the end of the day, my constant worrying will drain off whatever little energy I have left by the end of the night. Sometimes I wonder if this is how my life is going to be from now on. My husband even mocks me saying I am going to be a helicopter mom, and I wish I could tell him otherwise.’ Noora

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