Women’s Day: 5 Ways Women Could Feel Empowered In 2017

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To all the ladies out there who think they need to feel special every moment of the day – you have a better reason to be fawned over this week. With Women’s Day just around the corner, it’s time you treat yourself in the best possible way to feel empowered.

OK, there is a lot that has been said and written about women empowerment in the current century, but that is not what I am talking about. Empowerment can simply be how you feel about your whole true self or what you can do to make yourself feel empowered. Here’s a quick take:

1. Be the fashion icon:

Twenty years on, Princess Diana is still making headlines. People haven’t gotten over the mania that she created with her staggering looks and the super unique wardrobe. Women love clothes, and if they have all that money, they won’t leave a stone unturned to flaunt the latest arrival in the apparel market. True? Yes. But do you always have to be that? No! The way you carry yourself even in the simplest of wardrobe can tell a lot about you. As long as you carry it with dignity, you might outdo the best dressed from page 3 pictures! Just make your own fashion statement.

2. Be grateful for the immense amount of responsibilities:

If only men had their brains wired like we women do. Science too has proven that women are better multitaskers because of the way our brains are wired. We can hold our baby in one arm, take a call, unload a washing machine, clean off the food processor and watch out how that curry is coming along, all at one time. Call in a man; he is sure to mess up with not one but most of the tasks there if he were to multitask. So, instead of complaining that you must carry out so many chores, be a working or stay-at-home, mom and care for your children while attending to every other task, feel blessed!

3. Break the stereotype:

Thanks to the celebrated maternity photographers who are trying to drive home the point that curves are good. Why lose your cool over no longer having that modelesque body! Just staying healthy and athletic is all you need for a great personality. Don’t promote an emaciated look (don’t take it from what the media projects) – it makes you feel like a zombie mom!

4. Stand for what your think is right for you and your children:

“Oh, aren’t you a working mom?” Or “How can you not give enough time to your children?”… these and many more questions must have haunted you in the past. Take it from me. Stay-at-home moms too face criticism. One way or the other, it’s bound to be thrown at you. A working mom may not give the same amount of time to her children that a stay-at-home mom can give. A working mom might be making and saving money for her children. But what if she is one of those who spend more than she earns? Or what if a homemaker mom spends more on her kitchenware than she should save for children’s education? In fact, when you talk about a responsible mother, the intensity of attention does not slim down in any manner. The approach is different, the way they raise their children is different. Just how and what you pass down to them matters at the end of it all, and that reflects when your kids are grown up.

5. Dare to do things differently:

Have opinions. Dare to dream. Dare to do things in your own way. You never know how wise you get with your life events.

This Women’s Day, vow to be that woman you always wanted to be. Write back to us what your priorities are until the next year! We would love to hear from you.

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