'Working The Magic' While Doing Laundry #JustLikeMom

Some of my earliest memories of my childhood were how I would follow my Ma around the house, draping the pallu of her saree around my head, taking in the warm scents of her freshly laundered clothes or trying to wash my clothes under the tap water, hoping she wouldn’t mind.

Roles have reversed since then. Now I am the mom-in-charge, with my two little princesses trying to follow everything I do, from doing the laundry to trying to fold their clothes and of course do all those things that their mommy does.

One fun thing that my girls have always tried to copy from me is doing the regular laundry. Bath times are especially fun times, when my baby sits down to wash her clothes in the tub, splashing it in the water, apparently cleaning it up, mopping up the tub again and telling me “Mamma clean, clean.” It is fun how a two year old learns the concept of cleaning, just by watching and washing something herself.

Of course, I don’t do our laundry the old-fashioned way now. My savior is definitely my washing machine, a top load that helps take away my ‘load’ each day in a house full of baby and kid stained clothes. Ask any mom, including me, and she will tell you the importance of a good washing machine and a detergent combo!

Of late, I’ve been noticing that whenever I go to dump the days load into the machine, the lid is slightly open. And it’s surprising because I’m very particular about closing the lid once I am done with my laundry.

And then I saw it.

That weekend I was sitting with a book when I heard a sudden noise. I turned in the direction of the washing machine. My younger one, who has just turned two, was standing tip toe, trying to lift the lid of the washing machine with her tiny fingertips that were barely reaching the top of the machine. In her other hand, she held a handkerchief that I realized she had picked up from the fresh pile of laundry that was waiting to be folded.

I was amused at finally having solved the problem! Andboy, wasn’t that cute!

My daughter stood up on her toes, and finally, when she realized she couldn’t do it on her own, she called out to her sister to come and help. I wondered if I should get up and help her out, but then I decided to wait and watch. The elder one came over, saw what was going on and helped open the lid of the top load machine. She showed the younger one how to dump the linen, which the younger one promptly did. By now I called out to the kids, asking them what they were up to, and my smile told them momma wasn’t angry. My elder one asked me if she could actually do the laundry for a change. Once I said yes, the two helped put all the clothes in the machine, the older one added a scoop of Surf excel matictop load and there – my babies were already on their way to following what their mother does, while I was still sitting back amused, keeping an eye on the two nonetheless.

For me, nothing can beat the happiness of seeing my daughters trying to follow me, it’s their way of showing me how much they love me, and it especially makes me go all mushy when they give me a hug at the end of the day, and tell me “Ma, you are the best Ma in the world.’ or when they finish up their meals and tells me ‘Ma, you are the best cook in the world.’

For a child, doing things right, is doing it just like mom. Even if it means a few stains on the way. And the stains don’t worry me. For that I trust Surf excel matic. It gives you a machine wash as mom’s hands-wash.

Surf excel matic is celebrating moms and their perfection with #JustLikeMom. And that was my story. If you have a similar story of your child attempting to do something with that mom-like-perfection share it using #JustLikeMom. It could be a picture, video or just a story. Send in your entries via justlikemom.surfexcel.in, Facebookor Twitter Participate now and win exciting prizes including a front load washing machine!

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