I Can Bet My Life That You Won't Believe These 10 Facts About Twins (But They Are True)

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Most people may think they know plenty about babies, but do you know enough about twins? In our opinion, they are way more mysterious because there are so many unknown facts about them.

We all know they look alike, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. Some of these facts may shock you or weird you out. Happy reading!

1. Twins With Different Fathers

Did you know that twins can have separate biological fathers?! Here’s how: each month a woman has one egg that can be fertilized. Although sometimes there can be two eggs (same time), which means if you’re with different men, there will be different fathers.

2. Tongue Twister or Brain Twister?

Apparently, if identical male twins have kids with identical female twins, the kids will be siblings by genetics. Legally, they would be cousins. Weird, huh? But obviously, the kids have the same genetic make up as their cousins and aunts and uncles. Don’t worry it is confusing!

3. Different Races

This is a better-known fact, but twins can be from different races. If the parents are from mixed races, their genetics have the potential to create more than one skin tone. According to science, there are million possible outcomes out of which both twins could be of a unique racial mix.

4. Similar But Separated

We’re not sure how accurate this is, but according to many encounters, twins that have been separated are known to lead similar lives. These similarities can be creepily coincidental. For example, marrying someone with the same name, having kids with them, having the same profession, and even being unwell at the same time.

5. Tall Women Facts

Did you know that women who are tallerhave a greater chance of having twins? If you are tall and want twins, you may just get lucky. Taller women have high growth hormones, which mean their ovaries more open to twins.

6. Bonding In The Womb

Twins have shown signs of bonding with each other in the womb! How cute is that? According to a study, twins start reaching out to each other by 14 weeks. 18th week onwards, they touch and gesture each other.

7. Mirror Twins

We had no idea there was such a thing as Mirror Twins. Mirror Twins is when twins are an exact reflection of each other. For example, around 1/4 of identical twins face each other in their mother’s womb, which means they become reflections/mirror images of each other. Here’s the amazing part – one twin will be left-handed and the other right handed. Also, they will have birthmarks on opposite sides of their body!

8. Conjoined Twins

Another amazing fact that is a little hard to believe is that there is a possibility for conjoined twins to see through the other’s eyes. Also, they can hear each other’s thoughts. Here’s how: twins joined at the head share a thalamus, which is a part of the brain that controls physical sensations and motor functions.

9. Twin Birthing Possibilities

A woman who is a fraternal twin has a greater possibility of giving birth to a set of twins herself. She also has a greater possibility of twins if she has already had twins or if her siblings are twins! Clearly the possibilities of having twins are endless.

10. Different Fingerprints

As most of you know, every human being has a unique fingerprint. No one can have the same, but one would think identical twins would. However, this isn’t true. In spite of the identical DNA, the fingerprints are different. Here’s how: babies touch the amniotic sac, which is unique forms and ridges that results in an individual fingerprint.

Surprised and intrigues? So were we!

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