This Video of Dhoni's Daughter Ziva Speaking in 6 Languages is Impressive and Adorable!

This Video of Dhoni's Daughter

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Ziva Singh Dhoni is already a little star on the internet. We get to see her cute videos popping up on our Instagram feed every once in a while. The former Indian Captain, Dhoni doesn’t shy away when it comes to posting adorable videos of him spending quality time with his daughter. The father-daughter duo shares a close relationship. And the Indian skipper loves spending time with his little munchkin whenever he is off the field and has some free time on his hands.

Ziva has already garnered herself a loyal fanbase with her dance moves and her antics. She has an Instagram account in her name which is managed by MS Dhoni and her mom, Sakshi Singh. She has over 1 million followers. Well, we aren’t surprised. We all remember how she made the entire nation unanimously go “awww” by singing two Malayalam songs taught to her by her Keralite nanny. If that hasn’t impressed you already, here’s another video of her replying to her dad in six languages to “How are you?”

The Multilingual Diva


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Being just 4 years old, it’s impressive to see that she has managed to know and speak a little in these six languages. In case you are wondering what those languages were, it was Tamil, Bangla, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, and Arabic. Phew! With this video, Ziva definitely proved to us that she is multilingual indeed. Ziva sure knows how to steal the limelight from her dad with each post of hers going viral.

Here’s another video of her where she is seen singing a Malayalam song despite being unwell. When it comes to singing, nothing can bring her down and is seen in good spirits singing away!


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It’s interesting to see little Ziva showing her prowess of multiple languages. And learning the words of a song which is not her mother tongue is definitely an achievement, given her age. Have your baby started learning the language yet? Here are a few things that you can do to kickstart the process of learning to speak (1):

  • If you haven’t already, it’s time to start talking to your baby. Even if you are busy cooking in the kitchen, you can describe to your baby what you are doing. Also, narrate to them when you are doing a chore. “I am putting these pink socks on you”, “Do you want some more soup?”, etc.
  • Buy a baby book and start reading to your little one now. Reading to your baby can help them to understand the words and sounds. Buy a book with lots of colorful pictures and simple words. They will start looking forward to reading time with you.
  • Has your baby started making sounds yet? If yes, answer to their sounds and cute noises. You can repeat the sounds that they are making and start adding words. This will definitely get their interest to learn the language.
  • Sing to your baby. We often see mothers singing lullabies to their kids. Did you know that singing has more benefits than just getting your baby to sleep? Singing or playing music to your kids can help with their brain development or also develop an interest in music. Who knows, your baby could become the next Darci Lynne.

Ziva has captured all our hearts with her singing and linguistic skills. And the relationship she shares with her daddy MS Dhoni is beyond adorable. We sure hope to see more videos of the little Diva showcasing her talent and making us go “awww” all over again!

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