Verb Tense Worksheet: Change The Verb Tenses From Present To Past

Knowing tenses is the first step to proper communication. Your 5th grader needs to be confident about tenses to narrate incidents, write a story or communicate effectively. The basics begin with simple past and simple present tense. This free and printable simple past tense worksheet helps the child see how they both differ. The given passage has the present tense words, which need to be changed to past tense forms.

You can help the child explain how the past tense refers to things that have already happened a while ago, and the present tense talks about the current happenings. Expand on this worksheet by introducing the child to future tense and telling them how to use it to talk about what is yet to happen.

Making them narrate a simple incident at home makes this worksheet passage relatable and ensures that the child becomes familiar with the commonplace words in both simple present and simple past forms.

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