Complete The Sentences With Words That Start With "G"

This printable word list helps introduce different words that start with G for kindergarten kids. Words with the letter g are of two types, i.e., soft and hard G words. The consonant sound G is highlighted in blue color. To start with, introduce common ‘G’ letter words for kids to understand and build effective sentences. Apart from this, add hard ‘G’ words for practice.

You can familiarize your first grader with the letter ‘G’ and its phonetic form in this worksheet. As your child picks the right word from the options to use in the blanks, you introduce them to word meanings and usage as well. This activity improves the child’s vocabulary by making them more familiar with the words beginning with the specific letter.

This worksheet is also an opportunity to reinforce the pronunciation of the letter ‘G’ in different words. First, ask the child to read aloud the words given as options. Then they read out the sentence with the blank. This activity improves reading and comprehension. Next, ask them to pick the right word by saying it aloud. You can also ask them to tell you what the word means. This helps them understand how words fit in the context of the sentences and also introduces them to sentence formation with words.

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