Complete The Sentences With Words That Start With "K"

First graders who have learned the language basics are now ready to learn sentence formation with words. This worksheet introduces them to new words that start with ‘K’ and shows them how they fit into a sentence. The child learns to read the sentence with the blank, comprehend it, and identify the appropriate word from the given cluster. In the process, they understand how to choose words, so the sentences make sense. Make your child to read the words, fill in each blank with the correct word, and complete the sentences given. This activity helps your child develop vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

At a more advanced level, you can ask the child to think of other appropriate words that will fit into the blanks. For example, “Please _____ the books in the shelf after reading” can be just as correct with the word ‘stack’. This gives your child an opportunity to expand their vocabulary further.