Know More About Forms Of Energy Worksheet

Introduce your young scientists to the different types of energy with this informative worksheet. The worksheet pairs well with the third-grade physical science curriculum. Learning about energy helps your child understand how things work and what they are powered with.

Your child’s learning can start by explaining that many forms of energy, including light, heat, and sound. Then there is mechanical, chemical, atomic, and nuclear energy. To understand various forms of energy, the child should first know that energy can be categorized into potential and kinetic.

Tell them how the name itself explains what the term potential energy means. This is stored energy that can be used later to move things or change things. Kinetic energy is the opposite and is seen when something is in motion.

The worksheet has a simple fill-in-the-blanks activity that will help the child think about the concept of energy and identify the right answers. The answers are given at the top, and the child has to choose the right one. In the process, they familiarize themselves with many terms relating to energy and its different forms. The sentences teach the child more about this concept.