Longitude And Latitude Worksheets For Kids

This worksheet has been designed to introduce children to latitudes and longitudes. Longitudes and latitudes are imaginary lines across the Earth and help in pointing to any given place on the globe. The commonly used GPS devices use latitude and longitude to describe coordinates of any place on Earth. This free and printable worksheet will help improve your children’s knowledge of geography.

Latitudes are lines that go around the Earth from side to side, east to west, and longitudes run from top to bottom, north to south. The latitudes are equidistant from each other but not the longitudes.

Your second grader may find it difficult to grasp the concept of invisible lines that divide the Earth into segments. But this worksheet makes it easy with the pictures of the globe having longitudes and latitudes imprinted on it. Next, there is a map of the country showing how the various latitudes and longitudes divide it into segments. Finally, what the child learns is reinforced and tested through the exercise at the end.