Match The Adjectives And The Nouns

This free and printable worksheet will expand your child’s vocabulary by introducing them to various adjectives. It will help them use appropriate adjectives to modify nouns.

A crucial part of effective communication is the language and its various aspects. This worksheet teaches your 5th grader to use adjectives to modify nouns. A noun is a word used to name a place, person, or thing (ex: boy, pen, house). An adjective describes the noun, giving more details (ex: a little boy, a new pen, a large house).

This worksheet achieves a two-fold goal. First, the child is reintroduced to nouns and learns more about them. Second, the child learns adjectives and how to use them in combination with nouns. You can use this simple match-the-following worksheet when traveling with kids or when they are getting bored of waiting at the doctor’s clinic.

You may expand upon their learning by asking the child to name nouns that they see around them (ex: table, chair, pen, tree) and associate them with appropriate adjectives (ex: a small table, a big chair, a shiny pen, an old tree).