Complete The Word By Filling The First Missing Letter

This printable worksheet is a fun way to help your child identify the given images and learn the spelling of words by filling in the missing letters. The sheet helps in developing your child’s problem solving skills as well as spelling and vocabulary skills. It makes learning so enjoyable that the child looks forward to it.

The images ensure that the child identifies what is shown and says it aloud. In the next step, you can help the child with the pronunciation of the first letter to find the letter itself. In this way, the worksheet teaches them to associate phonetic sounds with letters. The read-aloud habit is also encouraged by this activity in addition to making the child think about the word and spelling when they see an image.

Also, the child can practice writing the capital form of the letters when they fill in the blank. The letters are given above for the child to see and learn how to write them. For younger children, the given letters can be used to trace over and learn how to form them. Once done, the worksheet can be used as a coloring activity to make the whole learning process a fun activity.

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