Series And Parallel Circuits Worksheet For Kids

This 4th-grade worksheet makes a seemingly difficult concept simple and easy to comprehend with clear visuals. The child can understand what a series connection looks like and how it is different from a parallel connection, and how this impacts the flow of electricity within the circuit. With this worksheet, you can quickly explain these concepts with no ambiguity. The sheet not only shows the conventional symbolic representation of circuits, thus familiarizing the children with the concept, but also has the pictorial representation of actual batteries, switches, and lights, so the child is clear on what each symbol stands for.

The tasks included in the worksheet test the child’s understanding of the concept once the first part has been read. In addition, the coloring activity helps the child understand the outcome of using the given circuits. A simple and effective way to teach basic electronics concepts in a fun, engaging way, this worksheet is sure to be liked by your fourth grader.