Three States Of Matter: Solid, Liquid And Gas

The solid, liquid, and gaseous states of matter worksheet helps students distinguish between the different states of matter. The activity requires students to identify, cut, and paste the images (solids, liquids, and gas) in their respective columns.

This concept may present a challenge for beginners but with this worksheet, you can explain how solids have molecules tightly locked together and thus retain their shape. In liquids, the molecules are not packed as tightly as in solids. Since the molecules can move around, the liquid flows and does not retain a fixed shape unlike solids. In gases, the molecules are so loosely packed that the gas can fill in the space. Once you explain the concept, ask the child to give examples of each state of matter.

The simple cut paste activity makes this worksheet a fun activity for the 1st grader. Simple examples allow the child to understand the concept quickly and apply it to objects around them.