Time Zone In The United States Worksheet For Kids

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Time Zone In The United States Worksheet For Kids

Learning about different time zones will help 3rd grade children understand that the Earth is huge and different regions have different time zones. This helps the child understand how big the planet is and how distant other lands may be from their home. Apart from educating them about time zones across the world, this free and printable worksheet will help children learn about the different time zones in the US.

As the children start with this worksheet, explain to them that the Earth has 37 time zones. Show them how, even within the US, time zones may differ because of the country’s vast size. Give examples to make them understand that the clock in a home in Oregon will show a different time from one in North Carolina at the same moment.

Once they are done with the worksheet, you may also explain the movement of the Sun and how it affects the Earth. The worksheet has an exercise that uses a colorful map of the United States with time zones marked to answer questions and comprehend the concept thoroughly.

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