Trace The Words With The Letter "J" Worksheet

Through this worksheet, teach your child the beginning letter sound by tracing and saying the name of the matching picture. Trace the words that start with the letter ‘J’. Show them how to trace the words by joining the dots. Practicing this worksheet helps the child hone their motor skills and, later, their writing skills. Also, ask them to read out the words aloud while tracing. This will help in improving their reading and pronunciation skills.

Your kindergartener will love the coloring and tracing part. But that’s not all. The letter ‘J’ is usually easy to master for both writing and pronunciation, but in words like ‘judge’, you have the ‘J’ and ‘DG’ making similar sounds. Help the child learn more J words and write the letter itself to become familiar with where this letter is used. You can expand upon this worksheet by asking them to find other words beginning with J (for example, joker, jump rope, jog, juggle, jungle) after they are done with this activity.