Trace The Number “10” Worksheet For Preschoolers

This free and printable worksheet is designed to introduce your toddler to the first two-digit number. The colorful number 10 worksheet with multiple activities will stir up your toddler’s interest, and, at the same time, introduce them to the number “10.”

The pictorial representation of the number teaches the child to count and associate the number with the actual count. The first line has the number traced out with dots so that the child can learn how to form it and space the two digits correctly. Further down, space is provided for the child to practice the newfound skill. Once the first line of traceable numbers is done, the child now has better control and can try to write the number on their own in the other three lines. Lines have been given to help them align the top and bottom of the number correctly.  

Once completed, the worksheet can be used as a fun activity sheet for coloring. This seemingly simple sheet has plenty to learn – motor skills, finger coordination, counting, numbers, and coloring.