Trace The Number “6” Worksheet For Preschoolers

This free, printable worksheet will help your preschooler identify and write the number “6.” This number “6” worksheet has a couple of fun activities for the child to learn how to write this number.

The worksheet features a step-by-step process to teach the child how to shape this number. In the first line, they have the number traced out with the help of dots. This teaches them how the number is shaped and where to start when writing it. The next few lines have the sample number traced out with dots to practice once more before attempting to form the shape on their own. The lines given help the child restrict the shape to the right size.

The step-by-step process helps the child gain confidence and skill in creating the curved shape. In addition, the repetition of the number ensures that they memorize the shape and strokes perfectly for immediate recall. Also, the worksheet improves the child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.