Trace The Number “7” Worksheet For Preschoolers

This free, printable number “7” worksheet will help preschool children learn how to trace the number. The interesting pictures can also be colored once the child finishes the writing portion. The colorful activity keeps your child engaged and helps make learning fun.

With this worksheet, you teach the little one how the number 7 is shaped and which way it faces. A common mistake by young children is to write the mirror image of this number. The practice they get with this worksheet ensures this does not happen.

Here, you will see the first line of numbers is traced out lightly with dots, and samples are also given, so the child knows where to start tracing the number. The entire first line full of tracing lets the child practice the strokes that will lead to a perfect 7. Then they have a couple of lines with just one sample to remind them how to form the number. The double lines show the child how to adjust the size of their number.

Regular practice with this worksheet helps the child develop better writing skills, improve their motor control and give them a chance to develop better handwriting.