6 Benefits Of Positive Parenting For Teenagers


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Ever wondered why your teen has gone berserk? Why they lack some of the finest qualities that other teenagers in your neighbourhood have? The answers to these questions may probably lie in the way you have brought him up!

Positive parenting is very crucial to raise your teenager and teaching him the true way of life. Spending time with him, talking to him, hearing him out, etc., constitutes various ways of positive parenting. Your teen needs guidance to become self-sufficient, gentle, compassionate and assiduous.

This is possible only with parenting your teen optimistically. Optimism goes a long way in determining teenagers’ attitude towards life and behavior.

What Is A Positive Parenting?

It is a type of guidance to keep your teens in the right place on the correct path. With this type of parenting, you can use positive ways to raise your children while resisting any temptation to use a cruel disciplining method to correct them. In simpler terms, it can be known as loving guidance, affectionate guidance, positive discipline and gentle guidance.

In positive parenting, you can easily raise a teen who is dutiful, considerate and responsible. These children will be content, happier and resourceful. No one can attach any set of new rules to positive parenting, It is not all a parenting style. In fact, it is a method of living a productive life with your child.

Many a times, teens are perplexed and not in a position to make vital decisions. This is when positive thoughts become very important and stand by their side like their friends. Being a parent, you can always influence your teen in such a way that he/she can grow up to be a good human being. Now that you know what is positive parenting, we are going to discuss the 6 amazing benefits to become positive parents.

1. Display Affection:

An important way of bringing up your teen is by showering affection on him. Try to understand his point of view and value his feelings. A teen’s feelings may hold no meaning or may seem irrational, but you should acknowledge them.

It is also of paramount importance that you praise your child from time to time so that he don’t feel left out or discouraged.

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2. Pay Attention:

You must pay complete attention to what your teen say or think. Whenever you point out his flaws, you must be kind while doing so. Adopting constructive feedback becomes vital.

Paying attention to his needs and making him feel wanted and special are keys to raising teens rightly. Once you do this as a responsible parent, it is quite possible that even he may take a leap ahead in his life; he will still love you as before.

3. Don’t Coerce:

Teenagers are born rebels. The more you force them into something, the more are the chances of them straying and not listening to you. So, coercing is not advisable at all and may only lead to disagreement and detachment.

  •  Allow them to follow their heart and let them experiment with new hairstyles or clothes. They are bound to have opinions that differ from you. Let them have their way.
  •  The best option is to handle this is with increased maturity. Making a time table for them that gives them their share of leisure is highly recommended. This way, they will make time for studies and have their bit of fun too.
  •  Lesser pressure from you makes them more responsible and responsive. Allow them to experience what independence is and let them express themselves well.
  •  Never compare them with how you were during their age. This tends to piss them off.

4. Proper Guidance:

If your teenager wants to get tattooed or pierced, you should warn him about the hazards that are involved in doing so, instead of being negative about his choice.

Ensure that they are well aware of illnesses that can be contracted while indulging in the same. Talk to them about scarring, allergic reactions, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS and skin infections.

5. Encourage Real and Virtual Friendship:

Always encourage your teen to make new friends. This allows them to have fun and get rid of stress. Friendship acts as a great relaxant in case of depression and anxiety.

Strong friendship can also bring them back to the right track and help them come out as better human beings. Make sure to keep a track on your teen while they are befriending new people over social networking sites, as you cannot let your child suffer cyber hazards.

6. Participation in Sports and Games:

Taking part in sports and games helps in personality development. With an enhanced personality, your teenager is more likely to turn into a decent adult. Also this adds to fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Last but not the least, remain alert with regard to relationships, dating and love. Helping your children cope with such issues can also make a big difference and turn them into better adults.

Hope this article will guide you how to be a positive parent for your teen. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below:

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