5 Key Questions To Ask Your Child's Pediatrician

Kid’s Pediatrician

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You always want your child to be at the best of health, right? And the best way to ensure that is to choose a renowned pediatrician, who can address all your queries with clarity and ease.

The process of choosing a good pediatrician can start as early as the time when you are pregnant. In most cases, your gynecologist will be a good person to suggest a reliable doctor for your kid.

Qualities To Look For:

Your kid’s pediatrician should be someone who is easy to talk to, is warm and genuinely caring. If you are a first-time mom, you will have many questions to ask a new pediatrician. In fact, many issues that you would wish to discuss with your kid’s pediatrician. You would want to choose a doctor who will be reassuring, understand your concerns and be available when needed.

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Before Visiting The Pediatrician:

Before you plan a lengthy questioning session, remember to keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Always schedule an appointment beforehand. This will ensure your kid’s pediatrician has time to sit and hear you through.
  • If your kid has been recently unwell, make sure you keep notes about the symptoms. Also, if he had prescribed any medication over the phone, make sure you note them down as well.
  • Don’t repeat your questions or concerns every time. Once a certain query has been answered, do not waste time on it again in the next visit, unless something related has come up.

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Questions To Ask A Pediatrician:

While you may frequently be visiting the pediatrician, it is always a good idea to do some background research before every appointment. It will help you prepare a list of questions that will cover your kid’s general health. Also, it will take care of any specific concerns you may have.

Here are a few questions that you should be asking him, if not already done. Do remember to reframe them as per your kid’s requirements:

1. Is My Kid’s Growth And Development Normal?

Not all kids will be developing at the same pace, and it is natural for you to feel a little concerned. Your kid may be healthy, but if you do not see any visible signs, you may want to be reassured.

2. What Are The Immunizations My Kid Needs To Get?

It is true that your kid will not have to take many immunizations now that the baby and toddler phase are over. However, kids too need specific immunization. It is always good to check with your kid’s pediatrician on what is the age and time when it needs to be done. Maintain a health folder and note down the dates so that you can schedule an appointment accordingly.

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3. What Home Remedy Can I Try For My Kid Before Rushing To You?

Your kid will probably be making quite a few visits to the pediatrician which is normal. But in most cases, a few home remedies can also work fine. You can try and ask your doctor about a few things you can do at home to ease your kid’s discomfort. It can be done before you head out to the doctor with your kid. It could also come in handy in case your doctor is not available immediately. In case of an emergency, you should not wait but take your kid to the nearest available medical care facility.

4. What Are The Side Effects That My Kid May Face From These Medications?

When your kid is being prescribed any medication, you should ask the pediatrician about possible side effects. Many kids face no side effects at all, while some may be affected with noticeable discomfort. Knowing the side effects beforehand will prevent any unnecessary panic or worry. It will also help you plan better in case your kid will be going to school or traveling.

5. How Will These Tests Be Performed And When Can We Expect Results?

In case your kid has been asked to take a medical test, you can always ask about the procedure. When you know the steps involved, it will help you plan better. It will also help you assure your kid that there is nothing to worry or be scared of. Another thing you should ask a pediatrician is whether the test is necessary or you can take some time. Check when the results will be available.

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These are some of the basic, but very important points you should be checking with your kid’s pediatrician. Each kid has a different medical history or reaction to a specific drug. Ensure you do not worry unnecessarily and whenever in doubt, do check with his doctor.

Moms, would you like to recommend any additional questions to ask a pediatrician to the existing checklist? Do share them here.

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