8 Easy Steps To Find A Good Doctor

8 Easy Steps To Find A Good Doctor

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A doctor has got to be the most important person in your life. Okay, that maybe an exaggeration, but not too far from the truth!

Most people hop from doctor to doctor. Most don’t feel the need for a regular physician. But the truth is that we do need one! A regular doctor ‘knows’ your body, even better than you. When you go to a new one, you have to start all over again. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just stick to one good physician?

A good doctor can make life so much easier for you. Whether you are looking for a doctor for yourself or your little one – you need to ensure that you have the best professional tending to you and your family. But how do you decide? How do you zero in on the perfect doctor?

How to Find a Good Doctor

Here are 8 steps to help you find the right doctor for you and your family:

1. Use Social Networking:

Confess! Most of your socializing happens online, doesn’t it? So, it does make sense to start searching for your doctor there. Post your query online on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site you frequent. Ask your friends for recommendations on finding a good doctor.

2. Make A List:

Once your friends have responded, make a list of the doctors who are nearest to you. Distance makes a huge difference. The doctor you want should not be hours away.

3. Check Their Credentials:

Google them! This is an easy way to further trim your list. You can also use sites such as vitals.com or zocdoc.com. Check where they studied, the hospitals they worked with – find out all that you can about their work and academic history. This information will help you get a better idea about the person who may become your regular doctor.

4. Make An Appointment:

By now you should have come down to 1-2 doctors you think will work for you. So, now pick up the phone and book an appointment. The appointment process should also give you an idea about the staff. Were they courteous and friendly? Were you made to wait endlessly? This will further help you cement your decision.

5. Check The Office:

Your doctor’s office should make you feel welcome and comfortable. Check it properly. Is it clean? Is the waiting area comfortable? Is the staff friendly and helpful?

6. Be Ready:

Before you reach the office ensure that you are ready. Don’t forget to carry your medical history along. Your new doctor will want to know all about your prior health issues. Most importantly, don’t forget information about your insurance. That can turn out to be a deal breaker!

7. Ask Questions:

Don’t shy away from asking questions. But ask the right ones. The way the doctor responds to your questions can make or break the deal.

8. Follow Your Heart:

Sometimes, we have to follow our instincts. The doctor might look perfect on paper, but your gut might tell you otherwise. Go with your gut instinct! You might be looking for a doctor who is old school, so make sure your new doctor follows the same philosophy as you.

A good doctor is not just someone who prescribes all the right medicines. She is the one who holds your hand through some of life’s scariest moments. She is the one who soothes your worries and tells you all’s good.

Finding a new doctor is like starting a new relationship. It takes effort and a lot of trust. But if you are not satisfied with the doctor, don’t guilt yourself into staying with her. Your peace of mind matters. So, don’t hesitate to search for a good family doctor!

Do you have a regular doctor? How did you come across her? Was finding her a battle? What qualities attracted you to her? Tell us your story, in the comments section below.

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