10 Essential Holistic Parenting Tips You Should Follow

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Parenting is the world’s most rewarding, and sometimes, most irritating jobs on the planet. While you may have your special way of dealing with your little one, just what kind of parenting approach do you follow? If you found yourself thinking about this question or are wondering what the holistic parenting approach is all about, you should consider reading our post. Here, we talk about holistic parenting tips and what kind of benefits it offers.

10 Essential Holistic Parenting Tips:

Holistic parenting promotes healthy and peaceful living and promotes the well-being of your entire family. Find below holistic parenting tips to follow.

1. Make Informed Parenting Decisions:

You need to be aware of holistic options that greatly differ from traditional choices. Holistic parenting approach helps you make educated, informed decisions that best suit your family values and your kid’s well-being. Carry out an open-minded research on childbirth, baby care, breastfeeding, vaccination, nutrition, discipline, interpersonal communication, wellness, and education (1).

2. Adopt A Nurturing And Respectful Approach:

You should practice and promote values of empathy, compassion, and love towards your kids when following a holistic parenting approach. You should embrace parenting attachment practices, such as breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and positive, beneficial discipline (2).

3. Educate Kids To Care And Respect:

When following holistic practices, you should teach your children the virtues of care and respect towards nature and other individuals. Also, help kids learn how to protect the environment (3).

4. Restrict Kid’s Exposure To Advertisements:

Avoid exposing your growing kids to consumer-driven culture, advertisements, promotions, and marketing ads. Materialism disconnects kids from healthy social life and nature (4).

5. Promote Simplicity:

Lead a simple life, and teach your child the virtue of simple yet prosperous living. As a holistic parent, emphasize on good morals and non-material values (5).

6. Let Go Your Worries And Fears:

Kids can sense when you are down with fear or worry due to some specific things, and they nurture insecurity about these things. Kids tend to pick up your anxieties and develop a stressful nature. So, become an informed parent and let go off your worries and anxieties. Believe that all is well and soon your kids will follow the path (6).

7. Make Eating Fun And Eat Healthy:

Acquaint your kids with healthy, nutritious foods and let them know the health hazards of eating unhealthy food. Teach your kids to make healthy food choices and eliminate unhealthy food. Make eating a fun activity and allow your kids to make their healthy food choices on their own (7).

8. Make An Effort To Minimize Toxins In Your Environment:

Kids are more vulnerable to toxins so make efforts to reduce toxins in your home and surroundings. Get rid of all chemicals from your kids’ room and the environment. Make sure your kids do not suffer from exposure to toxins, particularly while sleeping as it is more dangerous than usual. Provide your children non-toxic bedding and mattress. Install an air purifier to help your kids breathe clean air (8).

9. Spend Time With Kids And Understand Them:

Kids have unique behavior patterns, requirements, temperaments, learning styles, and talents. Spend some quality time with your kids to understand their inborn nature, qualities, talents, temperaments, ambitions, and habits. As a holistic parent, encourage your kid’s good virtues and discourage bad habits and temperaments (9).

10. Adopt Physical, Spiritual, And Emotional Aspects:

Plan and follow a balanced life schedule and habits for your entire family. Adopt habits such as regular exercise, simple meditation techniques, non-violent communication, healthy eating, healthy sleeping patterns, natural healing, reduction of stress, and a happy home environment (10).

What kind of parenting style do you follow? How do the kids benefit from it? Share your experience with other moms. Leave a comment below.