23 Must-Know First Date Tips For Men And Women

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You must be excited to get a “yes” from the other side. Now comes the most important part, which is planning your first date.

It is pretty natural to be a little nervous and curious about your first date. It would be great if you both hit it off and make a bonding. But, how do you make your first date a good experience?

There are certain tricks to keep in mind when meeting a person for the first time to leave a lasting impression. We bring you some tips for the first date to help you have a memorable time.

23 Tips For First Date

These tips can help you increase the chances of a second date.

1. Figure out the reason for your date

Are you looking for a committed relationship or only want some fun? If it is for fun, then you can be casual about it. But if you desire serious commitment, then give attention to your date’s priorities, interests, and values. Don’t forget to share yours too.

2. Stay relaxed

Dating is more or less socializing. Even though you might be excited or nervous, do not put it across on a first date. Showing desperation or overconfidence may leave a bad impression on your date. So, relax and enjoy your time.

3. Select the right venue

The right venue sets the tone for the date. Pick a place that has a balanced tone and has no distractions. For example, going for a movie may not be a good choice. Rather, choose a coffee shop or a local bar that provides you space for an engaging conversation.

4. Keep it short and simple

Keep your first date short and sweet to avoid boredom. Also, it helps create a feeling of wanting more. A simple coffee or lunch date would be enough. Do not plan an entire day. Try to build chemistry with your date, and do not share each other’s life stories.

5. Be fully engaged

Stay engaged in the conversation, and don’t be distracted. Be self-aware and listen to your date carefully when they share their likes, dislikes, and hobbies to let them know you are interested. Also, share your stories and experiences and make it a two-way conversation.

6. Do not overshare

The first date is not the right time to share everything about your life. Oversharing may turn off your date as they might not be interested in knowing so much about your life. Share filtered information that reveals your personality, your interests, and hobbies. Keep the crazy moments aside for later when you build a connection. Also, do no task personal questions to your date.

7. Maintain good body language

Smile often and make eye contact with your date, but do not stare. Be attentive towards your body language and avoid crossing arms or looking fidgety. Show your date that you are interested by leaning slightly and mimicking their expressions and movements.

8. Be yourself

Never pretend to be someone else on your first date, as it would mislead and set awkwardness around. Acting like someone else will not work for too long as reality comes across sooner or later. Be confident and present your true self as everyone expects their date to be authentic.

9. Learn about conversation starters

Before going on a date, take some time to think about the topics that you may discuss with your date. Go through their social media handles and try to know their interests. You may then bring them up when you are lost for topic ideas.

10. Offer polite compliments

Use neutral compliments for your date. You could say, “You look gorgeous tonight,” “That’s a pretty dress,” or “You talk so well.” Everyone likes to be appreciated.

First Date Tips For Men

Here are some tips for men to ace their first date. However, these can be used by women too.

11.Be confident

Women like thoughtful men who can take decisions confidently. So, be confident on your date and disclose your proud achievements in life. It will impress your date, and you may have a second date soon.

12. Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman is highly appreciated by women. Remember that you are the person your date has been waiting for. If you are taking your date for dinner, plan your reservations early. Be punctual and walk to her door while picking her up. Greet her, let her order first, make her feel comfortable, and maintain eye contact.

13.Add a little humor

Women prefer a guy with a good sense of humor as they are attractive and give positive vibes. It also helps build a connection easily. Crack jokes to make your date laugh with you. When she has a good time with you, there is hope for a second date.

14.Don’t show off

Do not brag about your achievements or share stories of your promotion or expensive car on the first date. It could be a turnoff, and you may not have another chance to show who you are. Let your personality speak for you.

15.Dress neatly

Ensure you look nice without trying to be someone else. Dress as per the venue by picking an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Make your self presentable—comb your hair, wear a subtle perfume, and don’t forget to polish your shoes.

16.Communicate properly

Communicate properly before and after your date. Make sure you discuss your dating plans a day before. Even after the date, you should be friendly, irrespective of how your date was. If you enjoyed the first date, ask for a second date politely. Otherwise, express that you had a good time.

First Date Tips For Women

The following first date tips will help the ladies rock on their first date. Nonetheless, even men can use these tricks.

17.Break the barrier

If your date is shy or nervous, initiate and show you are interested. Some men could be hesitant to establish a connection. So, breaking this barrier will put both of you at ease. You can offer a gentle hug or give him a casual touch during the date to build a connection and make him feel comfortable.

18.Know your deal-breakers

You know what turns you off and makes you feel strongly that you do not want a second date with the guy. Your deal-breakers could be related to smoking, rudeness, fake attitude, or dominance. You may set your non-negotiable terms around his character, personality, and values.

19.Watch out for red signs

Pay attention to the indicators that clearly tell you that something is not right. These indicators could include getting touchy, criticizing exes, complaining, not answering basic questions, hiding something from you, making excuses and stories, or exhibiting controlling behavior. Watch the guy attentively, and if you notice any red flag, you will know planning a second date is not an option.

20.Reveal your interests

If your date is going well as expected and you are enjoying it, do not hide your feelings. Let your date know that you are enjoying and want to spend more time. A little bit of mystery is good, but do not hide your feelings or show your disinterest. It could send a wrong message to your date.

21.Watch the alcohol consumption

Another important thing to consider on your first date is a count on alcohol consumption. You must keep up to two drinks or one if you get tipsy easily. It could be risky to go beyond two drinks on a first date or, and it can turn off your date too.

22.Weara playful attitude

You don’t have to be serious or suspicious on the first date. Be playful and have fun when dating. Ask some casual or funny questions and let them ask you too. An easy and light conversation can help you know each other better.

23.Exchange your bucket list

Talking about long-term goals and experiences is a nice way to know each other and measure compatibility. Talking about your favorite food, adventurous sites, movies, and passions in life can help you build a connection.

So, before scheduling a date, keep these tips in mind for a good time ahead. Impress your date and stay confident. Remember to express yourself about the date politely, irrespective of what you feel. Also, do not take it to heart if you don’t get a response after the date. There are many, more lovely people out there.