10 Fun Things To Do With Teens To Create An Everlasting Bond

Create An Everlasting Bond With Your Teen

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Do you crave to spend more quality time with your teens? Are you looking for fun things to do with teenagers to create an everlasting bond? If so, you are not alone as this is true for most parents of teenagers.

The last thing a teen wants is to spend more time with his parents! Like it or not, it’s true. Do you want to turn things around and make your teen look forward to spending time with the family? Fret not!

Go ahead and explore these fun things with teens to do that will be of sure appeal :

Top 10 Fun Things For Teens To Do:

1. Go For Some Festival Fun:

Teens love visiting festivals so why not plan a fun outing together doing the rounds of one in or around your town? If your teenager loves books, you can visit a literary festival together or a book fair. Your teen would love the idea as going with parents would mean you are footing the bill for all the books he wants to buy.

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But stop before you plan to attend a music festival with your teens. Teens won’t like the idea of attending a music concert with their parents with hundreds of screaming teens in the vicinity. But if your teen enjoys classical music or dance then you can surely plan an outing together. By the way, you do have a workaround about the musical fests as long as you don’t tag along with them to the concert. How about this – plan an outing where your kids can watch the shows without you but have a nice family dinner and the drive back together? Win-win, don’t you think?

2. Do The Rounds Of The Stores:

Suggest store hopping to your teens and they are likely to go with you. But remember that the stores must be to your teenager’s liking, or they would never say yes to the idea. Gadgets, clothes, books, video game consoles, makeup, cosmetics are some ideas depending on your teen’s interest. These fun things for parents to do with teenagers are wonderful.

3. Start A Craft Project:

The activity is a brilliant way to spend time with teenagers who love DIY craft projects. Set a weekend for the project or plan these during the holidays where kids are looking for activities to pass the time. You can create things for the house or gift purposes such as birthdays and special events.

How about a nice DIY gift for the grandparents or that loving aunt? Photo frames, planters, lamps and beaded jewelry are some ideas. You can also use old clothes to make bags. Take the idea further and nurture your teenager’s artistic skills and interests by enrolling in craft classes together. Candle-making, pottery, terracotta jewelry, painting, origami, and sculpting are some fun craft ideas.

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4. Plan Game Nights:

Kids love game nights, and your teens are sure to do so too. But make sure you don’t plan one when they have mood swings (!) or other plans. Don’t plan on playing ‘ask the questions’ or such games, which will make your teenagers run faster than you can say ‘game night!’.

Suggest video game competitions and your teens would love to watch you hammer yourself. Board games can also be fun when everyone in the family agrees to play together and reminisce about happy times.These fun things with teenagers to do at home when bored are so interactive.

5. Get Active Together:

Play a sport with your teen, and you get the extra bonus of fitness. You will also get extra kudos for getting your teen to be physically active without nagging him. Go running together, play a game of tennis, soccer or badminton or even go crazy on the trampoline (if they warm up to the idea).

6. Make Desserts At Home:

Plan a fun sugar-rich weekend with your teens. Talk about some fun recipe ideas so that you can go shopping for ingredients together. Let their creativity run amok and make desserts as they suggest. Remember that the idea is to have fun together with your teenager.

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7. Take An Impromptu Trip:

The less you plan, the more inclined your teenagers are to like your suggestions. Suggest an impromptu weekend getaway and hit the road.

8. Do Something Out Of The Ordinary:

How about going camping, sailing or river rafting with your adventure-loving teenager? You can plan a hike when the weather is pleasant. The trail would give you much-needed time together. A lake-side picnic or a midnight ice cream run are things your teenager can’t easily say no to so don’t hesitate to plan them.

9. Host A Fundraiser:

Why not make fun times around activities that could also double up as learning for your growing teens? You can plan fundraisers in the neighborhood to help with some community cause. Involve your teens in such activities, ask them to offer ideas that you could help them execute. Or go through closets together and find items to donate. The fun things to do with teens are so much more exciting.

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10. Help Someone Else Have Fun:

How about having fun while helping others? Visit animal shelters with your teens and sign up for volunteer work together. Visit old age homes and ask how your teen may help. Some seniors love someone reading to them or talking to youngsters.

There are tons of ways you can have fun with your teens. Remember to meet them halfway or in some cases, even all the way. Give them their space. But it is also possible to carve out time to do activities together and to circumvent the teen’s mood swings, hormone rage, and his off-handed behavior.

Teen years are tough years as it is rife with biological growth and confusion. Be patient with your teenagers but don’t give up on them. Keep planning fun activities now and then. Plan them according to your teen’s interests but let this in no way be a deterrent to teach them something in the process too, whenever possible.

Do you have any favorite activities that you enjoy doing with your teenagers? How often do you plan fun activities with your teens? We would love to know your ideas.

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